Teleran Expands Services to Meet Extraordinary Demand for Data and Analytics Cloud Migrations and Cost Optimization.

Offerings combine expert services and automation software to accelerate and simplify migrations and increase cost efficiency in the cloud


January 29, 2021, Fairfield, New Jersey – Teleran today announced the expansion of their cloud data and analytics services that simplify, accelerate, and cost-optimize migrating and operating data warehouses in the cloud. To address increasing market demand, Teleran has expanded its services offerings for assessing, migrating and maximizing data warehousing cost-efficiency and business value in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle clouds. Teleran’s services leverage its automated data warehouse/analytics migration, cost control and optimization software solutions to enable companies to accelerate migrations, avoid costly mistakes and assure data warehouses deliver increased business value in the cloud.

“Teleran’s Assessment enabled our bank to deliver a cost-effective, low risk migration two months faster than originally planned and reduce ongoing cloud costs by $240,000 per year,” stated a director of data warehousing at a large US bank.

“In these uncertain times, our customers are looking to increase their speed to market, reduce risk and drive better business outcomes,” states Nathan Roseman, Teleran CEO. “Teleran’s automated migration software replaces costly, time-consuming manual processes and allows our services teams to focus on delivering high impact data warehouses and analytics in the cloud quickly and cost-efficiently.”

Given today’s rapidly changing market conditions, organizations are looking to the cloud to reduce costs and improve business agility. But, because data warehouses are complex, large and dynamic, getting to the cloud and ensuring improved business outcomes can be risky and time-consuming. Teleran’s unique combination of expert services and migration analytics, AI, and optimization software delivers a faster, lower risk, lower cost process to meeting today’s business requirements.

Teleran Expanded Services Benefits:

  • Faster delivery of effective and cost-efficient data and analytics solutions tightly aligned to business objectives.
  • Strategic use of software automation to save time, money and improve business outcomes.
  • Ongoing fast, agile adaptation to changing business and analytical demands.

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