Solutions for Oracle Engineered Systems

Teleran Solutions for Oracle Engineered Systems

Ensuring cost efficiency, business value, and data protection 

Teleran delivers Data Warehouse Visibility and Optimization as well as Data Protection and Compliance for Oracle Engineered Systems including Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance (ODA).

ODA Data Warehouse Solution – Integration, Automation, and Analytics Ensure Business Value and Efficiency

Data warehousing customers face ongoing challenges: costly infrastructure, complex system patching, unpredictable user queries, frequent performance tuning, data security/compliance challenges, and a lack of visibility on how the business is really using and valuing the data warehouse.

The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Data Warehouse Solution addresses these and other data warehousing challenges with a pre-optimized integration of hardware, database, analytics, usage optimization, and data protection “in a box”. This solution speeds time to value, automates infrastructure management, maximizes performance and protects sensitive data while ensuring business objectives are met.  More…

Data Warehouse/Analytics Visibility and Optimization – Maximizing Business Value and Cost Efficiency 

Data warehousing and analytics environments are large, unpredictable, and challenging to manage to ensure optimal value to the business. Teleran’s Data Warehousing/Analytics Solution tracks and analyzes users, analytical applications, data usage activity to provide a holistic business visibility on the use and value of the data warehouse. It also delivers real-time user and query management to prevent inappropriate, wasteful or inaccurate queries that can slow performance, frustrate users and reduce overall business productivity and value of the data warehouse.   

Teleran’s solution enables Oracle customers to improve service, increase business user productivity, reduce operating costs, and ensure that data warehouses meet business objectives on Oracle Engineered Solutions including Exadata and ODA.  More…

Data Protection and Compliance – Reducing Time, Cost and Complexity to Protect Data-Intensive Applications

Sensitive data, including consumer and proprietary company information, has proliferated across 100s of databases in organizations. This makes locating and protecting sensitive data and ensuring regulatory compliance complex and challenging. 

Teleran’s Data Protection and Compliance Solution enables customers to quickly and automatically identify, audit, and protect sensitive data in analytics, data warehousing, and enterprise applications including Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) on premise and in the Oracle Cloud.  More…

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