Dynamic Data Masking


Dynamic Data Masking On Premise and in the Cloud

Teleran Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) masks or redacts sensitive data in production systems such as CRM, financial, analytics and data warehouses. It dynamically masks personal identifiable information (PII) or proprietary business information, protecting it from unauthorized access, misuse and costly breaches. Teleran DDM specifically addresses the PII protection requirements for a wide range of compliance regulations including GDPR, PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, California Consumer Privacy Act and others. Importantly, Teleran’s data masking prevents inferencing and brute force attacks that defeat native database and other vendors’ masking solutions. DDM is an add-on licensed software module deployed with Teleran’s Data Protection and Compliance solution which includes sensitive data discovery, comprehensive auditing, and real-time data access controls and alerting.

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Dynamic Data Masking Adds a Critical Layer of Protection

DDM leverages Teleran’s network-based listener agent technology to evaluate queries in real-time. It determines if an application user is authorized to access the sensitive data requested. If a user is not authorized, Teleran’s high speed masking engine will rewrite the query to mask or partially mask only the sensitive data in the query results sent back to the user. Teleran’s engine promptly sends the query to the database for processing. Teleran’s multi-threaded, highly performant masking process takes place in milliseconds, adding no perceptible latency to the query.

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Automated Masking Policy Generation Speeds Time to Protection

Teleran’s DDM automatically creates data masking policies from Teleran’s Sensitive Data Discovery module or other data discovery or data tagging solutions. This significantly reduces deployment time, cost and effort. It also minimizes risks of human error that can leave open dangerous data security and compliance gaps. Teleran’s DDM applies real-time masking policies by user privileges, location, role, application and function.

Key Benefits

  • Protects sensitive data against costly breaches and compliance violations
  • Prevents inferencing and brute force attacks unlike native database and other vendor solutions
  • Deploys quickly and easily, speeding time to protection
  • Automated masking policy generation saves time and maximizes accuracy
  • Simplifies process, minimizing time, cost and effort to protect sensitive data
  • Consistent solution across on-premise, hybrid and cloud deployments

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Fast, Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Data Protection and Compliance

Teleran DDM delivers a comprehensive, real-time data security solution, delivering fast-to-deploy, cost-effective database security and data protection and compliance.

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