Ensuring Data Protection and Compliance in the Oracle Cloud


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Automatically Identifies & Classifies Sensitive Data

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Audits, Analyzes & Reports on Sensitive Data Access

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Automatically Applies Sensitive Data Redaction & Access Controls

Comprehensive Data Protection and Automation Minimize Risks and Maximize Protection

Teleran’s Data Protection and Compliance Solution enables customers to quickly and automatically identify, audit, and protect sensitive data in the Oracle Cloud for analytics, data warehousing, and enterprise applications including Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). It is uniquely designed to protect data independent of the databases and the applications. What makes Teleran’s solution different is automation. Leveraging expert systems and AI, it automates manual tasks to improve effectiveness of data protection, and reduce the time, cost and effort to implement and maintain. 

Key Benefits

  • Improves accuracy, cost-efficiency and productivity with automated processes
  • Minimizes risks of data breaches and compliance violations
  • Integrates with SIEM and other compliance and security systems 
  • Deploys quickly and easily

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Cloud Data Protection and Compliance Challenges 

Damaging and widely publicized data breaches are occurring with greater frequency. PCI, HIPAA,/HITECH, GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 and other data privacy regulations are driving up compliance costs and dramatically increasing the financial penalties for data breaches. Sensitive data, including consumer and proprietary company information, has proliferated across 100s of databases in organizations. This makes locating and protecting sensitive data and ensuring regulatory compliance complex and challenging, especially in organizations now taking advantage of hybrid and public cloud environments. 

Comprehensive Data Protection and Compliance

Teleran’s patented Data Protection and Compliance software solution delivers a powerful centralized platform for sensitive data discovery, contextualized auditing, analytics, automated policy creation, dynamic data masking, and real-time data access policy enforcement and alerting. 

Teleran’s Solution delivers comprehensive data protection and compliance for on premise, hybrid and cloud-based database applications. Teleran’s award-winning solution for the Oracle Cloud discovers, watches, analyzes and controls how sensitive data is accessed, by whom, in what context, and with what applications. Its granular, context-sensitive policy enforcement blocks inappropriate queries before the database is even reached.

Key Capabilities

  • Automated Personal Identifiable Information Discovery (PII) identifies sensitive data prescribed by leading data privacy regulations
  • Automatically Creates Sensitive Data Redaction and Access Control Policies integrated with Discovery process 
  • Continuous Auditing tracks PII access by user, query, and application, identifies threat and malicious behaviors
  • Identity Tracking ensures all users are identified, profiled and controlled
  • Patented Real-time Policy Action Engine dynamically redacts sensitive data or prevents inappropriate and non-compliant data access 
  • Automated Alerting communicates real-time warnings to security and compliance staff 
  • Network-based Listener Agent installs quickly and requires no performance degrading “in-the-database” agents, traces or monitor
  • Fast Time-To-Protection with automated installation, PII discovery and automated policy generation

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