Data & Analytics Protection & Visibility

The Building Blocks

Teleran’s patented software combines contextualized monitoring, usage analytics, machine learning and real-time data masking and access controls.

Data and Analytics Usage Monitoring and Analysis

Comprehensive Monitoring

Advanced Analytics

Unobtrusive Architecture

Teleran’s Usage Monitoring and Analytics establish a unique user, application and organizational context to provide more effective security analytics, threat detection, user behavior analytics, and more accurate and effective data security access controls.

Identity Persistence™

It is critical to know who your users really are. You need to identify who is generating bad queries, or accessing sensitive data, or who may be using an unauthorized application. But, most database monitors lose the user ID due to applications using connection pooling, single sign-on/LDAP or generic database IDs. So if you are just monitoring at the database, you can’t determine who is doing what. Teleran’s patented Identity Persistence™ feature associates the named business user with the actual query that gets processed by the database. It ensures the user’s identity is not lost, guaranteeing the effectiveness of Teleran’s user behavior analytics, reporting and query control policies.

Business Context™

Teleran also delivers Business Context, a feature that associates users with their specific organizational context including location, geography, role, and function or department. This enables deeper insight and context for profiling expected user behavior, identifying malicious or inappropriate behavior, and delivering actionable real-time alerts and user controls without impeding users’ legitimate data access and business process

Application Context™

It is not only important to identify and track contextualized user activity. But it is also critical to understand how users are interacting with the applications, and integrating that with what is happening at the data layer. Teleran’s Application Context™ deploys several patented methods to unobtrusively capture application level metrics including application user ID, application names, report names, application server activity, and in the case of leading BI and analytical applications, semantic layer activity. Now you have the deeper context, across users, applications and database activity, to establish effective user behavior profiling, rapid threat identification and response, comprehensive reporting, as well as more effective real-time user and query controls for exceptional data security.

Advanced Analytics

iSight Analytics gives you dramatic visibility and insight into your data-intensive environments. It transforms the comprehensive usage metrics captured by Teleran monitoring into actionable information, leveraging a fast in-memory analytical and visualization engine for easy-to-use and intuitive dashboards, analysis, reporting and alerting. Usage Analytics delivers a series of ready-to-go analytics and reporting solution packages.

Unobtrusive Software Architecture

Teleran’s Usage Monitoring delivers continuous and unobtrusive monitoring capturing 100% of user and application traffic without putting overhead on the databases. Its patented software network agents monitor at the database network protocol layer, delivering complete visibility of sensitive data access activity across your environments ensuring data security without interfering with internal database processes or slowing application performance.

Data Security Controls

Real-Time Data Masking, Alerting, and Access Policy Enforcement

Teleran’s patented high speed policy action engine prevents unauthorized, malicious or poorly formed and unproductive queries from reaching the database. It also masks sensitive data in real-time by rewriting queries before they reach the database. The policy manager operates in conjunction with Teleran’s monitoring agent on the network. It is a highly efficient, small memory foot-print process that evaluates queries in milliseconds and introduces no material latency.

The policy manager also automatically creates new data security policies (data masking or access blocking) in conjunction with Teleran’s sensitive data discovery tool. The policy engine is integrated with Teleran’s machine learning policy generation facility, automatically building new security policies based on identified outlier conditions using Analytics, third party User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) or other machine learning baseline/exception models. Teleran data security policies are easy to customize and apply with Teleran’s policy wizard. Designed for non-technical staff, the wizard enables you to apply over 70 template policies by user, user group, application, database objects and time period.

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