Oracle to Oracle on Azure VM Migration Accelerator

Automating, Simplifying, Accelerating Oracle to Oracle in Azure VM Migrations



Minimizes Time, Cost & Risk



Reduces Manual Process & Risk



Minimizes Costs, Maximizes ROI

“Teleran’s Oracle to Azure VM Migration solution enabled us to deliver an efficient, low risk migration process that met our business sponsor’s cost, performance and ROI expectations in Azure.” – Director Information Management, US Bank


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Oracle on Azure VM Migration Challenges

Moving Oracle Database to Oracle on Azure VM reduces operating, costs, capital expenditures and improves scalability. You don’t have to convert to Azure SQL or Azure Synapse. But, getting performance and cost efficiency on Azure VMs is challenging. Oracle and Oracle Exadata environments are complex, often with inefficient legacy operations and applications. Migrating these environments requires time-consuming, error-prone manual steps. It requires a combination of expert Oracle, Exadata, and Azure knowledge most companies don’t have.


Solution: Teleran Migration Accelerator

Teleran’s migration solution simplifies and accelerates key phases of your Oracle migration to Oracle on Azure VMs. You don’t have to be an Oracle expert or Azure specialist. Based on Teleran’s Expert System Automation, the solution incorporates the skills and experience of Oracle, Exadata and Azure experts. We do the heavy lifting, automatically, with the following capabilities delivered quickly, easily as an Azure SaaS solution.

-Azure VM Resource & Cost Projection

  • Pre-built scripts interrogate database configuration settings and system resource consumption metrics to accurately project Azure VM resources and costs.

-Optimization, Cost-Minimization in Azure

  • Analyzes Oracle system operations and application usage to identify performance and cost optimizations to minimize Azure VM costs while ensuring Oracle performance and manageability.

-Automated Azure VM Provisioning

  • Automated scripts, informed by your specific resource projections and optimizations (steps 1 and 2), automatically provision optimal Azure VM resources, software and services to ensure performance and cost efficiency.

-Data Migration & Validation Guidance 

  • Communicates recommendations to data movement tools to prioritize, phase and move the right data at the right time.

-Testing & Monitoring

  • Monitors and analyzes key Oracle performance and consumption metrics during Azure VM test phase and production use.

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Automated Scripting Engine


  • Saves you time, money and effort by automating time-consuming, complex manual tasks
  • Creates cost-optimized Azure environments based on comprehensive profile and analysis of your data warehouse workloads and requirements
  • Minimizes costs and risks with systematic, repeatable, scalable process
  • You benefit from the accumulated skills and experience of Oracle Database Azure experts built into the Teleran migration solution
  • You are in control of the migration process with Teleran solution transparency and confirmation steps
  • SaaS solution is fast, scalable, cost-effective and unobtrusive

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