Teleran Solutions for Azure

Having Concerns Moving Your Data and Applications to Azure?

You are not alone.

According to a recent Gartner study, these are the three leading Azure migration concerns:


                    • Data Security and Compliance

                    • Uncontrolled Cloud Costs 

                    • Cloud Migration Costs, Risks and Effort


Teleran’s Solutions for Azure Address These Issues Head On

Cloud Readiness

Azure Migration Assessment for Data Warehousing


  • Minimizes Migration Time, Cost & Effort


  • Mitigates Unexpected Azure Migration Risks


  • Maximizes Cost Efficiency & Business Value in Azure


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Cloud Data Protection

Azure Dynamic Data Protection and Compliance 


  • Automatically Identifies & Classifies Sensitive Data


  • Audits and Analyzes on Sensitive Data Access


  • Automatically Applies Sensitive Data Masking and Access Controls


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Cloud Visability

Azure Synapse Analytics Optimization and Cost Control


  • Minimizes Azure Resource Consumption Costs


  • Ensures Service Levels & Business Value


  • Maximizes Analytic Users Performance & Productivity


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Cloud Readiness

Oracle to Azure VM Migration Accelerator


  • Automates, Accelerates, Simplifies, & Optimizes Migrations


  • Minimizes Migration Costs, Time, & Risks


  • Ensures Optimized, Cost-Minimized Oracle Operation in Azure


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