Teleran Solutions for Azure

Having Concerns Moving Your Data and Applications to Azure?

You are not alone.

According to a recent Gartner study, these are the three leading Azure migration concerns:


                    1. Data Security and Compliance

                    2. Uncontrolled Cloud Costs 

                    3. Cloud Migration Costs, Risks and Effort


Teleran’s Solutions for Azure Address These Issues Head On

Cloud Data Protection

Azure Dynamic Data Protection and Compliance 


  • Automatically Identifies & Classifies Sensitive Data


  • Audits and Analyzes on Sensitive Data Access


  • Automatically Applies Sensitive Data Masking and Access Controls


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Cloud Visability

Azure Synapse Analytics Optimization and Cost Control


  • Minimizes Azure Resource Consumption Costs


  • Ensures Service Levels & Business Value


  • Maximizes Analytic Users Performance & Productivity


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Cloud Readiness

Oracle to Oracle on Azure VM Migration Accelerator


  • Automates, Accelerates, Simplifies, & Optimizes Migrations


  • Minimizes Migration Costs, Time, & Risks


  • Ensures Optimized, Cost-Minimized Oracle Operation in Azure


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Cloud Readiness

Azure Data Warehouse Pre-Migration Health Check


  • Minimizes Migration Time, Cost & Effort


  • Mitigates Unexpected Azure Migration Risks


  • Maximizes Cost Efficiency & Business Value in Azure


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