Address Key GDPR Data Protection and Compliance Requirements

Ensure Your Company is GDPR-Compliant – Quickly and Cost-Efficiently

Is your organization ready to meet GDPR data protection mandates?

Monitoring, auditing, de-identifying, and controlling access to personal identifiable information (PII) is critical to complying with GDPR and other personal data protection regulations. To establish where GDPR gaps exist, you need to start assessing your PII: where does it reside, who is using it, how is it used, and is it appropriate use according to GDPR mandates?

Teleran – Addressing 5 Essential GDPR Requirements

Teleran’s best-in-class GDPR Data Protection and Compliance solution enables you to quickly and effectively address five essential GDPR data protection requirements. Teleran’s software discovers and classifies PII and continuously monitors access and use of PII. It delivers a “fact-based” process that identifies exactly where a company’s GDPR compliance risks and liabilities exist and what actions are required to bring their PII processing into compliance.

Teleran’s real-time alerting, data masking, context-aware access controls, and detailed audit reporting meet these five mandatory GDPR requirements: impact assessment, security controls, audit, incident response, and breach notification.

GDPR Explained

GDPR Compliance-Teleran Data Sheet 

Teleran Addresses Five Critical GDPR Requirements

Data Protection Assessment Purpose Limitation Data Security & Integrity Accountability & Documentation Breach Notification
Article 35 Article 5-1 b Article 5-1 f Article 5-2 Articles 33/34
Audit where PII exists, how used, by whom. Identify / remediate gaps Confirm PII use limited to stated purpose and no other Protect PII from unlawful use, manipulation, destruction or loss Demonstrate and document compliance processes Establish process to: Identify data breaches. Notify authorities / citizens of breach

Teleran GDPR Solution

Discovers and classifies PII. Audits who accessing PII to identify / remediate compliance gaps Monitors documents adherence to purpose limits Monitors / controls PII access and use to ensure protection Continuous auditing and reporting demonstrate, document compliant PII access / control Identifies and alerts on suspected or actual PII breaches
Applies data masking and access control policies to protect PII and ensure GDPR compliance PII masking and access controls enforce purpose limits, preventing inappropriate use/users/apps Delivers PII masking and access policies to prevent: illegal data use, data manipulation, destruction PII masking, access control and testing processes prove protection measures and GDPR-compliancy Documents breach activity for notification.
Applies new masking and control policies to prevent future like breaches

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