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Data and Analytics drive business decisions in organizations like never before. Yet, these systems are large and complex; its challenging to deliver the right data and analytics to meet today’s rapidly changing business objectives and protect these corporate assets from security threats.


Why Teleran Services

Teleran’s powerful combination of expert data and analytics services paired with our award-winning software solutions delivers these benefits:

  • Faster delivery of effective and cost-efficient data and analytics solutions tightly aligned to your business objectives.
  • Strategic use of software automation to save time, money and improve business outcomes.
  • Rapid, agile adaptation to changing data, analytical and business demands.


Teleran Professional Service Offerings


Data and Analytics Security and Compliance Service

Teleran Enables You to Identify, Govern, and Protect Your Critical Data Assets Quickly and Cost-Efficiently

As BI and analytical applications become more powerful and easier to use, many organizations have growing concerns about data protection and meeting data privacy regulations both on premises and in the cloud. Teleran’s Data Security and Compliance service evaluates an organization’s security and compliance risks in data and analytics environments. Teleran’s governance, risk and compliance experts work with you to confirm your data security and compliance regulatory requirements.

The service leverages Teleran’s automated data discovery, audit and usage analysis software solutions to identify sensitive, audit user access to sensitive data and confirm potential risks and violations for investigation and remediation. This service deploys Teleran’s audit solution to establish ongoing data protection, compliance auditing and reporting processes. The Service also applies real-time data protection leveraging Teleran’s data access control and masking software solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Identifies all sensitive, regulated data.
  • Delivers an improved capability to enforce data privacy, governance and compliance standards.
  • Automated data protection policy creation saves time and improves effectiveness
  • Dynamic data masking that is designed to work with powerful BI/analytical access tools

Key Deliverables

  • Detailed reporting of the key data security and protection metrics that Teleran gathered profiling your current data and analytics environment.
  • Recommendations on the sensitive data that needs to be protected.
  • An audit report of how sensitive data is currently being accessed and by whom.
  • Implementation of appropriate security policy action engine and messaging system customized to your data security and compliance policies.
  • Recommendations on best practices for continued auditing and protection going forward.

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Cloud Data Warehouse Evaluation (POC) Service

Teleran Helps You to Identify and Justify the Optimal Cloud Platform

As you evaluate cloud data warehouse alternatives, you’ll need to confirm the performance and cost for the new platforms under consideration. Frequently the only way to gain confidence in a cloud data warehouse is through an actual cloud data warehouse evaluation or proof-of-concept (POC).

Teleran’s Cloud Data Warehouse Evaluation offering enables you determine the most representative workloads (data and queries) to use in your cloud evaluation. Teleran Services performs a thorough fact-based assessment of your current on-premises data warehouse using Teleran’s automated usage analysis solution and provides these benefits and deliverables.

Key Benefits

  • More accurate estimates of your future cloud-based costs and performance.
  • Faster time-to-value by identifying the most critical and representative workloads (queries and data) that must be included in the POC through current usage analysis, not just opinions, interviews and other less reliable means.

Key Deliverables

  • A summary report of the key metrics that Teleran gathered to profile your current on-premises data and analytics environment.
  • Recommendations on current workloads and the data footprint that should be modeled to obtain realistic POC results.
  • Pointers to problematic scripts and queries that should be fixed prior to testing.

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Many organizations that have taken advantage of Teleran’s Cloud Evaluation Service have gone on to complete a Cloud Data Warehouse Migration Assessment described below.


Data and Analytics Cloud Migration Assessment

Teleran Enables You to Optimize the Cost-Efficiency and Business Value of Your Cloud Migration

Data warehouses are large, complex, with 1000’s of users deploying dynamic, resource-intensive applications. It can be challenging and time-consuming to analyze usage and develop a migration plan that minimizes risks and costs, and results in a business-driven, cost-efficient cloud data warehouse. Teleran’s Migration Assessment starts with a comprehensive fact-based assessment of how your current on premises data and BI/analytics are being used through automated profiling, data gathering and analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Builds optimal Migration Roadmap based on your specific requirements
  • Ensures business objectives and performance requirements are met
  • Delivers most cost-efficient cloud data warehouse environment
  • Minimizes migration risks, costs and effort

Key Deliverables

  • What cloud services, resources and costs will be required for your specific data and applications
  • Identify inefficiencies in your current environment to minimize cloud resources, costs and improve analytical productivity and business outcomes
  • Optimized migration plan that identifies higher priority migration steps and lowers migration risks, level of effort, time and costs

Migration Assessment Service covers migrations from Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2 LUW/Mainframe, and Teradata on premises to Snowflake, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse Analytics, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Oracle Cloud.

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Data and Analytics Optimization to Maximize Business Value

Teleran Helps You Deliver Measurable Business Value to Your Organization

Understanding, managing, and improving the use and effectiveness of data and analytics solutions remains a big challenge for most organizations. Teleran’s Business Optimization service works with you to identify and replicate current best practices in your existing environment as part of a migration to the cloud. The objective is to identify improvements to deliver measurable business benefits across your entire organization.

This service leverages Teleran’s usage profiling and analysis software to analyze usage and pinpoint issues and opportunities quickly and comprehensively.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers an understanding of best practices by leading business performers.
  • Identifies lessons learned that were leveraged in training of others in the business to improve outcomes.
  • Provides a more accurate view of how the data and analytics platform is being used.
  • Improves perception of the quality of the data and analytics environment.

Key Deliverables

  • Describes best practices analytics usage by leading business performers.
  • Delivers training and adoption programs to expand best practices and improve business outcomes.
  • Establishes ongoing best practices KPIs to monitor, measure and improve analytic outcomes over time.

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Business and Analytical Requirements and Solutions Workshop

Teleran Enables You to Define Transformative Analytics to Deliver Real Business Impact

This workshop identifies top-of-mind business challenges, prioritizes their importance, and identifies solutions for one or more of the challenges. Using the proven “Design Thinking” technique, Teleran facilitates a workshop with your business sponsors, frontline users, data and analytics, and IT infrastructure teams.

This process delivers a common understanding of the challenges, agreement on which challenges/solutions to tackle, and defines series of tangible next steps, assignments and deliverables to design, prototype, test and deliver transformative solutions that deliver real business impact.

Key Benefits

  • Aligns your organization on the priority business challenges and potential solutions.
  • Ensures broad engagement and ownership to solve these challenges.
  • Provides insight into the various technology solutions to immediately address challenges.
  • Delivers clear action plan and executive support to address challenges.

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Implementation Services

Teleran professional services provide on-site and remote assistance with Teleran implementations not covered under Teleran’s standard support programs. Teleran Implementation Services are customized to address your specific needs and include:

Successful deployments start with thorough planning. By relying on our experienced Teleran consulting staff, your deployment will get off to the best possible start. Teleran consultants can help prepare every aspect of your Teleran implementation from the initial planning stages through to integrating Teleran functions into your systems and workflows. Our team will review your business and technical objectives, system architecture and application requirements to create a comprehensive deployment plan that is tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. Our consultants ensure that the job gets done on or ahead of schedule with minimal impact on your environment and staff resources.

Installation and Configuration
Extensively trained in all aspects of the Teleran products and solutions, Teleran’s consultants will help you install, configure and test the Teleran System and environment to ensure that our solution addresses all your objectives. As each organization’s applications and systems vary, our consultants ensure that the Teleran System is sized and tuned to support your unique applications, traffic volumes, and support requirements.

Once the Teleran solution is implemented in your environment, Teleran consultants work with your IT team to automate Teleran System maintenance functions and integrate them into your IT support processes. The integration phase ensures that you generate the most value from your Teleran System while minimizing ongoing administrative effort.

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