Professional Services

Teleran offers implementation and assessment professional services designed to help you maximize the value of Teleran solutions in your company.

Doing it right

With Teleran Professional Services you are backed by experts. Not only does Teleran bring a thorough understanding of our software solutions, but we also have expertise in data-intensive architectures and applications across a wide range of business functions and industries.

Because our practice serves a diverse customer base, our services work keeps us on the cutting edge. Teleran Professional Services has the complete package of resources: the right tools, an industry leading methodology, and the experienced team to guide your projects from the strategy phase to successful completion.

Teleran Professional Service Offerings include:

Implementation Services

Teleran professional services provide on-site and remote assistance with Teleran implementations not covered under Teleran’s standard support programs. Teleran Implementation Services are customized to address your specific needs and include:

Successful deployments start with thorough planning. By relying on our experienced Teleran consulting staff, your deployment will get off to the best possible start. Teleran consultants can help prepare every aspect of your Teleran implementation from the initial planning stages through to integrating Teleran functions into your systems and workflows. Our team will review your business and technical objectives, system architecture and application requirements to create a comprehensive deployment plan that is tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. Our consultants ensure that the job gets done on or ahead of schedule with minimal impact on your environment and staff resources.

Installation and Configuration
Extensively trained in all aspects of the Teleran products and solutions, Teleran’s consultants will help you install, configure and test the Teleran System and environment to ensure that our solution addresses all your objectives. As each organization’s applications and systems vary, our consultants ensure that the Teleran System is sized and tuned to support your unique applications, traffic volumes, and support requirements.

Once the Teleran solution is implemented in your environment, Teleran consultants work with your IT team to automate Teleran System maintenance functions and integrate them into your IT support processes. The integration phase ensures that you generate the most value from your Teleran System while minimizing ongoing administrative effort.

Data Risk and Compliance Assessment Service

There is no shortage of data risks and compliance regulations that you must address in today’s business environment. Whether it is PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, HITECH or EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your organization is on the front lines of ensuring your company data is secure and in compliance. Teleran’s Risk and Compliance Assessment Service begins with an analysis by experienced Teleran security and compliance experts of the potential data security risks and compliance gaps in your company operations.

Teleran’s consultants analyze all application and database activity over a specified period of time. This is accomplished using Teleran’s Data Protection and Compliance software.  This comprehensive analysis drives our observations, findings and recommendations focused on maximizing the protection of your sensitive data, meeting compliance regulations of auditing, reporting and enforcement, identifying or suspicious behaviors, and lowering your compliance audit costs. With Teleran’s Data Risk and Compliance Assessment Service your executives can be assured that your organization’s data use is in compliance and secure.

Data Warehouse Visibility and Optimization Assessment Service

More than ever your business applications today are mission-critical. Your business users and customers have no patience when applications perform below their expectations. You can rely on Teleran’s Performance Assessment Service to ensure performance and service expectations are met.

Using Teleran’s Data Warehouse Visibility and Optimization solution experienced Teleran consultants quickly develop an in-depth analysis of usage and performance across key dimensions of your environment: user and application activity, SQL query and database performance, user and database errors, and operating inefficiencies. Teleran consultants generate detailed and actionable recommendations that will improve your service levels, application and database performance, and the overall efficiency and value of your applications and databases.

Migration and Modernization Services

Whether you are moving database applications to the cloud, or the Hadoop ecosystem, Teleran’s Migration and Modernization Assessment creates your roadmap to project success. Teleran’s Migration and Modernization Assessment services deliver visibility on how database-intensive applications are used and perform.

The Teleran Assessment is conducted by experienced Teleran consultants using Teleran’s Migration and Modernization software solutions. They capture workloads for a representative period of time and analyze the usage activity of business users, applications, transactions and databases. They then identify issues in your current environment that represent risks to a successful and timely transformation and migration project. Teleran’s fact-based process significantly reduces project time and labor needed to collect usage information and to thoroughly analyze it. It reduces “trial-and-error surprises” that add significant effort, costs and risks to your projects.

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