Teleran Accelerates Snowflake Migrations and Business Value.

AI-Driven Automated Migration and Management Solution Accelerates Snowflake Migrations and Delivers Business-Driven Cloud Data Warehousing.

Fairfield, NJ, December 16, 2020 — Teleran Technologies, a leader in cloud solutions for data and analytics, today announced the availability of its automated Snowflake Data Platform migration assessment, cost minimization and optimization solutions. Because data warehouses and analytical applications are large, complex and dynamic, successfully migrating them to the cloud and ensuring they deliver value to the business is challenging.  Teleran’s Snowflake Migration Assessment solution uses an expert system to analyze on-premise data warehouse usage, ensuring an accelerated and simplified migration roadmap and that business objectives are met. Teleran’s Snowflake Optimization solution delivers AI-based user controls that improve performance and productivity of business users while preventing unnecessary and costly cloud resource consumption.

“As Snowflake expands its market presence, they need to address the challenges of migrating and maximizing the business impact and cost efficiency of large enterprise data warehouses,” stated Nathan Roseman, Teleran CEO. “Teleran’s solutions for Snowflake have enabled our customers to reduce the time to migrate from over a year to a few months or weeks. They also ensure business sponsors get timely business value and cost efficiency they expect.”

Teleran’s automated Snowflake assessment is a SaaS solution that unobtrusively analyzes on-premise Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata and DB2 data warehouses. It identifies and remediates issues that impede efficient and effective data warehouse migrations and prevents wasteful cloud resource consumption. Teleran’s Snowflake Data Platform optimization solution manages and guides analytic users in real-time, preventing wasteful or inappropriate data requests from driving up cloud costs and ensuring that data analysis leads to better business outcomes. Together, Teleran’s migration and optimization solutions maximize the business value of the cloud and have saved companies in some cases $20,000-$30,000 per month in cloud costs.

About Teleran

Teleran software solutions migrate, manage, secure and optimize data and analytics in the cloud and on-premise. Our migration analytics solution accelerates and simplifies cloud migrations, ensuring business-driven, cost efficient data warehousing in the cloud. Our cloud data warehouse optimization solution leverages AI-based user controls to maximize analytical application business value while preventing wasteful and inappropriate user access in the cloud. Teleran’s comprehensive data security solution minimizes the risks and costs of data breaches and compliance violations. Our software is deployed by Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies including Allstate, Bank of America, DOD-US Army, MetLife, McKesson, Thomson Reuters, Wells Fargo, State of New Jersey Medicaid/Medicare and the Austrian Homeland Security Agency.