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Projects Accurate Snowflake Costs

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Minimizes Migration Time, Costs & Effort

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Maximize Cost

Minimizes Ongoing Cost Ensures Business Value

Migration Assessment Results – Healthcare Company 

  • Lowered cloud consumption costs by $240,000 per year
  • Optimizations improved business value of data and analytics, increased user productivity
  • Decreased budgeted migration costs by $40,000
  • Reduced migration time by two months, delivering faster time-to-value
  • Established accurate, “fact-based” Snowflake cost projection, ROI and business justification

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Data Warehouse Migration Challenges

Data warehouses are dynamic, complex and unpredictable with many users and applications accessing large, varied data sets. Before you migrate to Snowflake it’s critical to establish a comprehensive profile of data warehouse usage to accurately project your Snowflake data warehouse costs and identify the migration inhibitors common in legacy data warehouses. These unanticipated issues, if not identified and addressed, will increase the time, cost, and risk of your migrations.

Optimizing Snowflake Costs 

Legacy data warehouses often contain inefficient applications and user querying behavior that, while tolerated on well-resourced on-premise servers, drive up Snowflake usage-based costs unnecessarily. To manage and control your Snowflake costs, it is critical to identify and address wasteful usage practices as you migrate to the cloud.

Matching the Right Snowflake Resources and Services to Your Unique Data Warehouses and Analytics

Snowflake offers a range of compute resource levels and services. Your data warehouse size, number of users, workload complexity, concurrency/peak load and performance are just some of the factors that determine how you should provision your workloads in Snowflake to minimize costs while optimizing performance and business value.


Addressing Snowflake Data Warehouse Migration Challenges

Teleran’s automated assessment software unobtrusively analyzes on premise data warehouse and business intelligence/analytics usage. It delivers fact-based analyses to accurately project your Snowflake costs and identify issues and optimizations that should be addressed to streamline your migration and improve Snowflake cost efficiency and performance.  The Teleran Assessment objective: create an optimized migration plan that reduces your cost, risk and effort to move to Snowflake. It identifies the optimal Snowflake resources and services for your workloads. Teleran’s assessment software supports these databases targeted for migration:  Oracle/Exadata, SQL Server, DB2, Teradata, Azure SQL and Synapse.

Automation, Speed, Accuracy

Teleran’s solution replaces time-consuming manual assessments, bringing scalability, transparency, speed, and accuracy to planning and executing the optimal migration.

  • Automatically captures all relevant characteristics of your data warehouse and BI/analytics usage patterns without disruption or overhead
  • Expert system-based process automatically analyzes your workloads and recommends the best set of Snowflake services, resources and capacity to perform to business expectations
  • Identifies and guides remediation of wasteful application and user behaviors and maintenance processes to ensure your data warehouse meets business needs while minimizing your ongoing Azure costs


Snowflake Migration Assessment Dashboard

Snowflake Data Warehouse Migration Dashboard

Reduce the Cost, Risk and Effort to Migrate to Snowflake. Minimize Ongoing Snowflake Cloud Consumption.


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