Brokerage Firm Increases Revenue by 5% with Teleran Analytics Optimization

Analyzing how top performers leveraged data and analytics identified best practices that increased money under management.


February 10, 2021, Fairfield, New Jersey – Teleran Technologies, Inc. today announced a large brokerage firm increased  sales revenue by 5% using Teleran’s Analytics Optimization software and services. The company applied Teleran’s data and analytics usage analysis software and services to identify best practices among their 15,000 brokers.

The firm and Teleran worked to codify those best practices use of data and analytics that had the most impact on their business production. Proliferating these best practices across the entire broker community via a training program led to a 5% increase in money under management within 12 months of initiating the program.

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“Executives today want to understand what they are getting from their data and analytics and how can they generate more value for the business,” states Nathan Roseman, Teleran CEO. “Teleran’s Data and Analytics Optimization solution and services has enabled companies to quickly assess where they can better leverage these critical assets to drive more business.”

Teleran’s solution combines the company’s automated usage analytics assessment with expert services to enable companies to identify and quantify how their data and analytical applications are best used to lower costs, improve margins and increase sales.

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Teleran develops and sells AI and expert system-based software solutions to improve the business value of data and analytics in the cloud and on-premise, while minimizing the risks and costs of data breaches and compliance violations. It provides solutions for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, including organizations such as Allstate, Bank of America, DOD-US Army, MetLife, McKesson, Wells Fargo, State of New Jersey Medicaid/Medicare and the Austrian Homeland Security Agency.