This is how to protect your sensitive data.

Where it lives.

DELIVERING a powerful centralized platform

for contextualized auditing, security analytics, real-time alerting,

data access policy enforcement and compliance reporting.




Your network and perimeter defenses are important, but not enough to protect your data from external breaches, insider threats or unintentional compliance violations. All can be costly.

With Teleran, you can have an integrated, pre-emptive approach to securing your sensitive data – directly at the data level.

What make us different


Sophisticated analytic systems monitor all your data usage activity in real time at the data, application and user levels, to detect threats, suspicious user behavior or unauthorized access before it gets to your database.


With Teleran, a dynamic policy engine automatically prevents malicious queries, SQL injection, privilege violations, and improper changes from even reaching the database, providing data protection. All without hampering end-user performance.


Intelligent auditing and security analytics enable you to achieve and maintain compliance (like PCI, SOX, PII, and HIPAA), workflow approvals, and trigger alerts on regulated data. It will also provide insights into your user behavior, usage and access patterns and other parameters for enhancing security and efficiency as your system grows.

Why Teleran

Better detection of threats

Our holistic approach to data security hinges on intelligently monitoring exactly what’s happening with your data, in context— and being able to detect dangerous, suspicious, or non-compliant activity in real-time. We are especially good at analytics like this.

Deeper data monitoring and end-user behavior analytics

We have been monitoring and managing user access to databases of every type, since forever. We are experts at databases and ensuring data protection. We know how they’re used and abused out here in the real world. We have discovered ways to track, analyze and control user behavior to better identify threats and protect data without impeding performance out there on the desktops.

We are faster, more flexible

Teleran’s solutions are more agile than most. Which means we can deploy sooner, work more closely within your security and compliance workflows, and deliver faster time to protection and value. Ask the people we work with now.

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What people are saying

  • “We now have deeper visibility into how our sensitive data is used, enabling us to more accurately identify suspicious behavior in context and prevent malicious activity.”

    Program Manager EU Homeland Defense Agency
  • “Teleran enables us to protect our business critical applications and data and quickly comply with our rapidly changing regulatory environment.”

    Executive VP Financial Services Firm
  • “Every once and a while you learn about a partner technology that makes you say “Wow!” This solution generates a deeper user, application and organizational context for companies that need to deliver robust and comprehensive data security and compliance.”

    Global GRC Practice Director Leading Systems Integrator

On March 22nd Gruppo Daman will conduct a webinar in which data compliance and security specialists will explain fundamental EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates and challenges for large organizations in the EU. Gruppo Daman will showcase Teleran’s patented software solution that addresses 5 key GDPR challenges: data protection, purpose limitation, incident response, breach notification, and […]

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