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Data warehouses are large, complex, and costly. They have 1000’s of users deploying dynamic, resource-intensive analytics that access sensitive data. There are challenges and risks associated with migrating these business-critical assets to cloud to deliver more value to the business.




Teleran empowers you to migrate with lower cost, risk, and effort and accelerate your path to creating more business value from your data and analytics in the cloud.

Cloud Data Warehouse Migration Assessment

Because data warehouses and analytical applications are complex, large, and dynamic, “lift and shift” approaches to moving these workloads to the cloud is risky.

They invite surprises that increase the cost, risk, and effort of migrating, increase cloud costs, and lower your ROI.

Teleran’s Cloud Migration Assessment Solution minimizes the time, cost, and risk of migrations. It ensures the ROI, business value and cost efficiency of your data and analytics in the cloud.

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Data and Analytics     Optimization

According to Gartner, most analytical applications do not deliver the expected business value.

Customers face these challenges: high costs, complex databases, unpredictable user queries, growing security risks, and little visibility on how data and applications are used and valued by the business.

Teleran’s Optimization solution enables you to improve service, reduce operating costs, and ensure that data and analytics meet your business objectives on-premises or in the cloud.

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Dynamic Data Protection and Compliance

Vast amounts of sensitive information resides in data warehouses, leaving organizations vulnerable to breach, theft and regulatory fines.

Teleran Data Protection is designed to address the unique challenges of these large and complex systems where powerful analytical applications can circumvent database security.

Teleran’s software combines sensitive data discovery, auditing, dynamic data masking, and access controls for on premises and cloud environments.

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Azure Migration Accelerator

Azure Migration Accelerator

Data warehouses are large, complex and dynamic. Successfully migrating them to Azure and ensuring they deliver business value is challenging. Teleran’s Azure Migration solution ensures an accelerated and simplified migration process that meets business objectives.

Dynamic Data Masking Adds Critical Protection and Compliance

Teleran’s Dynamic Data Masking masks sensitive data on-the-fly in data warehouses and analytical applications on premises and in the cloud. It protects sensitive data from data breaches, unauthorized access, and misuse.


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