Data Security Training

Teleran provides comprehensive data security training classes to ensure your success with Teleran solutions. Your training can take place at your location in small group hands-on training sessions or class room settings for larger groups. Teleran training can also take place via the Web.

Data Security Training Classes

Implementing Teleran iSight, iSight Analytics and iGuard 

This one-day course provides you with an understanding of the Teleran products to enable you to plan and manage your Teleran implementation process.

Teleran Administration

This one-day course covers the administrative functions of the Teleran products. This will guide you in managing the Teleran repository, running and scheduling analysis and modeling processes, starting and stopping the Teleran services, reading and interpreting logs, and scripting and integrating Teleran processes into the operating environment.

Introduction to iSight Usage Data and iSight Analytics

This two-day course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the usage and performance metrics captured by iSight and how to interpret that data using iSight Analytics. The first day of the course offers you an in-depth understanding of the iSight data model, enabling you to leverage the iSight information for analysis. The second day introduces you to iSight Analytics, covering the major solution modules, how to navigate, filter, and interpret the dashboards, reports and graphs.

Introduction to iGuard Management Controls 

This two-day course gives you an in-depth understanding of iGuard, how to identify policy requirements, configure policies, create and use groups, customize user messaging, and manage iGuard policies, including how to work in block and surveillance modes. The second day builds your understanding of the iGuard policy library, policy use cases, and best practices in deploying policies to address specific common issues.

Data Security and Compliance Auditing and Reporting using iSight and iSight Analytics

This one-day course enables you to use the iSight Analytics Data Security and Compliance Module. It builds your knowledge of the underlying compliance information for compliance reporting and analysis. In addition it helps you use the various options of integrating additional contextual information or other sources into iSight to increase your data security and compliance oversight of usage activities in your environment.

Data Security and Compliance Policy Enforcement using iGuard

This one-half day course gives you an understanding of how to use iGuard to implement policies to address your data security and compliance requirements. It provides you an in-depth understanding of all iGuard access policies, and how to deploy them to address specific issues.

Visibility and Performance with iSight and iSight Analytics

This one-day course enables you to effectively use and interpret information presented in the iSight Analytics Performance Module. It will also familiarize you with the underlying application and database usage information that is used to generate performance analyses.

Performance Management using iGuard

This one-day course instructs you on using iGuard to improve overall performance, meet SLAs, and increase system resource efficiency. It provides you an in-depth understanding of all iGuard performance and efficiency policies, and how to deploy them to address specific issues.

Using iSight and iSight Analytics to Guide Transformations and Migrations

This one-day course offers you a comprehensive understanding of how iSight usage information and analysis is integrated into the planning and analysis phases of transformation and migration projects to reduce labor, time to completion and overall project risk.

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Teleran Certification

As a Teleran customer or partner you can prove that you have the knowledge and skills needed to meet today’s complex application management challenges with Teleran Professional Certification. Whether you are a consultant, a project administrator, architect, application specialist, or other technical professional who uses Teleran software, the Teleran Professional Certification Program provides you with a new way to leverage your experience in today’s competitive IT environment. Teleran’s tangible, industry-recognized credentials will help you succeed in your career, improve your productivity, and increase your marketability.