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Automated Assessment Identifies Data Security and Compliance Risks and Gaps

More Data, More Risk, More Compliance Demands – Damaging data breaches are occurring with greater frequency. Regulations such as PCI, Dodd Frank, HIPAA, EU GDPR and others are driving up the cost of compliance for enterprises and increasing the penalties of data breaches. How can organizations deal with this double whammy of growing data risks and rising compliance costs? Many are turning to Teleran’s Data Security and Compliance Assessment Service.

A Pragmatic, Fact-based Approach to Lowering Risk and Costs

The Teleran Risk and Compliance Assessment targets your critical data assets and analyzes how they are accessed and used. It delivers a comprehensive and detailed data usage audit that highlights operational risks and compliance gaps. The assessment creates an action plan to minimize your data risks and ensure regulatory compliance while lowering compliance costs.

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