Oracle Database Appliance Data and Analytics Solution

Deliver More Business Value, Improve Performance, Reduce Infrastructure & Support Costs

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Ensures Resource Efficiency, Business Performance & Productivity

Minimize Time Cost

Reduces Deployment & Maintenance Cost & Time

Mitigate Risk

Minimizes Data Security Risks

Maximize Cost

Maximizes Data and Analytics Business Value

Data Warehouse Director, Healthcare Company

“The Oracle Database Appliance/Teleran Data and Analytics Solution enabled us to quickly deploy a high performance, cost efficient data warehouse to the business. Queries that ran in hours now run in minutes. With the automated system maintenance and end-user management, our data warehouse staff can spend more time meeting business needs versus administering the system.” 

Data and Analytics Challenges

Data warehouses and the analytical applications they support are increasingly business-critical, enabling organizations to increase profit, reduce costs, and grow revenue. Yet, data warehousing has its challenges:  costly infrastructure, complex system patching and upgrades, unpredictable user queries, constant performance tuning, data security and compliance challenges, and a lack of visibility on how the business is really using and getting value from the data warehouse.

The Solution:  Oracle-Teleran Data and Analytics Appliance

Oracle and Teleran offer the Data and Anayltics Solution. Targeting small to medium sized data warehouses and analytical environments in on-premise and hybrid cloud environments, it integrates Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Analytics with Teleran’s Data and Analytics Optimization and Protection software solutions. 

Powerful Integration Addresses Today’s Data and Analytics Challenges

  • Lower infrastructure and management costs – Free up budget to focus on high impact analytics 
  • Rapid deployments – Speed time to value 
  • Performance-tuned databases – Improve business performance and reduce DBA time and effort
  • Automated patching – Maximize availability and reduce system maintenance risk and time 
  • Holistic usage analytics – Visibility across users, applications and data activity ensures maximum performance, user productivity and business value 
  • Automated, real-time query optimization and data protection ensures performance, security,  and compliance 

Deliver more value to the business, improve end-user productivity, lower costs and improve data security and compliance in one proven, integrated package.

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Customers Have Chosen the Oracle-Teleran Solution to:

  • Minimize costs, risks, time to deploy and manage
  • Automate infrastructure maintenance and end-user support
  • Speed performance and ensure user productivity
  • Identify, audit, and protect sensitive data

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