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The New Database Technology Landscape From Relational to Blockchain – 

“Gone are the days of a terabyte of data sitting in a relational database accessed by a few analysts using BI tools,” said Chris Doolittle, vice president and co-founder of Teleran. “Big data, IoT, specialized database platforms, AI and machine learning, and the cloud are driving a generational transformation in data management.”

An astounding array of new technologies and approaches have emerged on the database scene over the past few years that promise to turn the next 12 months into a time of unprecedented transformation for the database landscape. There are new developments, along with reinforcement of tried-and-true technologies, some of which may help make the jobs of data managers just a bit easier.

There is still plenty of hard, brain-twisting, arm-twisting work ahead to get this next generation of technologies into and aligned with organizations. “We are on the cusp of an unprecedented intelligence revolution, and a lot of the enabling technologies—cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, real time databases, next-generation memory technologies—are already available,” said Leena Joshi, VP of product marketing at Redis Labs. “What is needed is for enterprises to develop stacks that can tie all the piece parts together without generating layers of additional complexity.” This, more than anything, describes the job of data managers in the year 2018.