Teleran software release 19 delivers enhanced AI-based Data and Analytics management solutions that ensure optimal business value, protection, and efficiency – on premise and in the cloud.


Release 19 is available immediately and includes:

Data and Analytics Business Value Optimization

Version 19 enhances and renames our data and analytics solution to better reflect the value that it delivers: optimizing the business value, performance, and cost efficiency of data and analytical applications on premise and in the cloud. Its real-time user manager and expert system messenger optimizes, governs and guides BI/analytics users’ interaction with data to improve users’ business effectiveness and resource efficiency.

Comprehensive Data Protection and Compliance

Version 19 adds Sensitive Data Discovery, Classification and Audit that automatically identifies and tracks sensitive data aligned to leading data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, PCI and GDPR. It combines that with Automated Policies Generation that significantly reduces deployment time, cost and effort and improves the accuracy and effectiveness of active protection policies. This release also includes query results data capture. It captures the query payload as the data is returned to the application user. It converts the results sets to XML format for deeper forensic analysis and compliance auditing.

Data Redaction Dynamically Protects Sensitive Data

Version 19 also includes Sensitive Data Redaction (DDR) that masks or redacts sensitive data in real-time in production data and analytical applications. It is fast to implement, reducing time-to-protection and uniquely fills gaps left open by many of the native database masking solutions including the inference gap.

Cloud Solutions Accelerate Migrations, Optimize and Protect Cloud Data Warehousing and Analytics

Version 19 includes new Cloud Solutions that deliver important capabilities that reduce the cost, risk, and effort of migrating data warehouses and analytic workloads to the cloud. Teleran Cloud Solutions also optimize data warehouse and analytics business value, performance, and cost efficiency while protecting sensitive data in hybrid and public cloud applications. Teleran has announced IaaS and PaaS support for Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

Enterprise Scalability and Manageability Automates Implementation, Minimizes Administration

Version 19 enhances the scalability and manageability of Teleran solutions with the addition of an expert system-based installation and configuration engine. It automates and simplifies implementations and administration. Version 19 also includes support for PostgreSQL database as an open source Teleran repository. With this milestone release Teleran has updated its version numbering approach to represent an annual major release schedule with 19 indicating the 2019 release.

Teleran 19 Release Notes…


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