Teleran is partnering with HPE Services to leverage its software solutions to assist HPE to modernize and expand their clients’ BI and analytical applications. Combining Teleran’s automated workload assessment software with HPE Analytics and Data Management (A&DM) Services helps organizations leverage data and analytics to achieve real business outcomes.

Together Teleran’s patented workload analytics software and HPE Services:

  • Automate and accelerate profiling and assessment of business intelligence and analytical workloads
  • Establish a fact-based roadmap for optimal big data integration and business intelligence transformations
  • Analyze workloads that can be cost-effectively migrated to the big data analytic platforms
  • Validate enforcement of regulatory and internal compliance policies
  • Identify cold data for archiving

Teleran software captures and analyzes user, application and data usage patterns, establishing a fact-based foundation for creating optimal BI and data warehouse transformation roadmaps for HPE clients.

“HP helps clients become data-driven and agile by integrating big data analytics and their existing business intelligence environments into industrial-scale analytic platforms,” said Martin Risau, senior vice president, Analytics and Data Management Global Practice, HP Enterprise Services. “A combination of the Teleran software and HP BI Modernization Services helps clients rapidly optimize their existing BI environments and improve SLAs, offload heavy data warehouse workloads to more cost-effective platforms, as well as leverage cost savings to jump start big data analytics innovations.”

For more information on HPE Services, visit HP Business Intelligence Modernization Services