Teleran Cloud Data Warehouse Advisor Helps Companies Cut Time and Cost to Assess and Migrate to Cloud Platforms.

Teleran’s Automated Software and Service Yields Faster, More Accurate Cloud Evaluation. Builds Confidence to Move Forward with Optimal Cloud Choice.   

September 22, 2021, Fairfield, New Jersey – Teleran today announced a cloud data warehouse evaluation advisor service that accelerates and improves the effectiveness of cloud data warehouse evaluations. Companies often struggle to evaluate which cloud data warehouse will deliver the performance, cost-efficiency and business value they need.

Combines Software and Services to Deliver Fast, Accurate Cloud Evaluation Results

Teleran’s Cloud Data Warehouse Evaluation Advisor uses a combination of automated software and expert services to identify the most representative queries and data to include in a cloud data warehouse evaluation. Teleran enables companies to have confidence in their cloud evaluation results, allowing them to make the optimal decision on a cloud platform that meets their performance, cost, and business requirements.

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“It can be challenging to determine which cloud data warehouse platform meets your business, cost, and technical criteria,” states Nathan Roseman, Teleran CEO. “Teleran’s Cloud Data Warehouse Evaluation offering ensures that cloud evaluations accurately represent the performance, cost and business benefits you can expect and enable you to make an informed decision that’s right for your organization.”

Fact-Based Process Eliminates Guesswork, Ensures You Make the Optimal Cloud Platform Decision

Teleran’s solution delivers a thorough fact-based assessment of your current on-premises data warehouse usage through its automated usage monitoring and data gathering software. The Teleran Services team then provides advice regarding:

  • The most representative queries and data to include in your evaluation based on current usage patterns and characteristics.
  • Concurrency and peak workloads that should be included in the tests.
  • Inefficiencies in your current on-premises data warehouse to address during the evaluation.

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