Teleran Announces Services to Accelerate Data and Analytics Cloud Migrations and Optimization

Fairfield, NJ, November 15, 2021 — Teleran Technologies, a leader in cloud solutions for data and analytics, today announced new services that speed successful data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) migrations to the cloud from legacy platforms. These services also provide guidance on optimization of your implementations to reduce cloud costs, improve performance and optimize BI and analytical applications to improve business outcomes.

Teleran’s combination of expert data and analytics services are paired with Teleran’s award-winning software tools to take a fact-based approach in the following service offerings:

  • Cloud Data Warehouse Evaluation: Determines representative workloads for Proof-of-Concept (POC) testing in the cloud to gain an understanding of future costs and performance.
  • Cloud Data and Analytics Migration Assessment: Prioritizes full migration activities based on current data warehouse usage patterns, identifies problematic scripts, and eliminates needless migration of unused data and scripts.
  • Data and Analytics Optimization to Maximize Business Value: Identifies usage patterns in current on-premises and cloud data warehouses by your best business performers with the goal of replicating best practices across the organization while identifying non-optimal behavior.
  • Business and Analytics Requirements Assessment: Brings together a diverse group of stakeholders in your organization to jointly prioritize problems and potential solutions using innovative Design Thinking workshops.
  • Data and Analytics Security and Compliance: Helps you protect data that, though masked, can be uncovered through inferencing and helps you identify who is accessing sensitive data and their activities

Robert Stackowiak, a well-known data warehousing and data platform author is heading the development of Teleran’s services. He states “These offerings enable Teleran clients to achieve rapid and agile adaptation to changing data, analytical, business, and deployment strategies in your organization and minimize the risk associated with these implementations.”

Learn how a Teleran client:

  • Lowered cloud consumption costs by $240,000 per year
  • Decreased budgeted migration costs by $40,000
  • Reduced migration project by 4 man-months

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