Teleran Announces Data Warehouse Migration Assessment and Cost Minimization Solutions for AWS, Azure, Google, and Oracle Clouds

Automated SaaS Solutions Accelerate Cloud Migrations, Minimize Ongoing Data Warehouse Cloud Costs.

Fairfield, NJ, August 14, 2020 — Teleran Technologies, a leader in cloud solutions for data and analytics, today announced the availability of its automated data warehouse migration assessment and cost minimization solutions for AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle Clouds. Because the use of data warehouses and analytical applications are complex and unpredictable, successfully migrating them to the cloud is challenging. Teleran’s data warehouse migration assessment solution reduces the cost, risk and time to migrate these workloads. Teleran’s cost minimization solution delivers AI-based user controls that prevent unnecessary and costly cloud resource consumption while improving performance and productivity of business users.

“Companies face significant uncertainty over the time, cost and risk of migrating their data warehouses to the cloud, and how to control runaway data warehouse costs,” stated Nathan Roseman, Teleran CEO. “Teleran’s solutions ensure business sponsors get timely business value and cost efficiency they expect from the cloud.”

Teleran’s automated assessment is a SaaS solution that unobtrusively analyzes on-premise Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata and DB2 data warehouses. It recommends the optimal cloud services based on the specific workload characteristics and business objectives. It also identifies and remediates issues that impede efficient and effective data warehouse migrations and prevents wasteful cloud resource consumption, saving companies in some cases $20,000-$30,000 per month in cloud costs. Teleran’s solution brings scalability, transparency and speed to ensure a successful migration to AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle clouds. More on Teleran’s cloud solutions.

About Teleran

Teleran develops and sells AI and expert system-based software solutions to improve the business value of data and analytics in the cloud and on-premise, while minimizing the risks and costs of data breaches and compliance violations. It provides solutions for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, including organizations such as Allstate, Bank of America, DOD-US Army, MetLife, McKesson, Wells Fargo, State of New Jersey Medicaid/Medicare and the Austrian Homeland Security Agency.