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Teleran Announces Data Security Solution for Heightened Data Threats

Protection Against Increased Ransomware and Data Breaches  for Analytical Data Stores and Data Warehouses.

Fairfield, NJ, March 1, 2022 — Teleran Technologies, a leader in solutions for data and analytics, today announced the release of their latest data security solution. Teleran has added critical capabilities that address key security vulnerabilities associated with analytical data stores and data warehouses. These environments store hundreds of terabytes of corporate and customer data and, given the current geopolitical events, are coming under increasing threats from ransomware and data breaches.

This release includes these four critical capabilities:

  • Prevents malicious inference attacks that circumvent native database masking
  • Identifies and prevents today’s stealthier ransomware and breach techniques using advanced usage analytics
  • Minimizes complexity and builds strong security policies with automated security policy creation
  • Scalable across 100’s of terabytes of data, 1000’s of users, many applications on premise and in the cloud

“Because of rapidly expanding cyber security threats, companies must increase the security of their data at the source,” states Nathan Roseman, Teleran CEO. “Teleran’s comprehensive data security solution is specifically designed to address the unique exposure and risks associated with these massive corporate repositories of sensitive data.”

Stop Malicious Actors with Automated Data Security

Teleran’s Sensitive Data Discovery, Classification and Audit capabilities automatically identify and track sensitive data access. Its Automated Security Policy Generator significantly reduces deployment time and improves the accuracy and effectiveness of data security policies as usage patterns and data threats change over time.

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Dynamic Data Masking Closes Security Risks Common in Data and Analytics

Teleran’s Dynamic Data Masking masks or redacts sensitive data in real-time in production database applications. It is fast to implement, reducing time-to-protection. In addition, it uniquely fills security challenges such as the inferencing, a common threat in data warehousing not addressed by many of the native database masking solutions, including Oracle and SQL Server.

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About Teleran

Teleran software solutions migrate, manage, secure and optimize data and analytics in the cloud and on-premise. Our migration analytics solution accelerates and simplifies cloud migrations, ensuring business-driven, cost efficient data warehousing in the cloud. Our cloud data warehouse optimization solution leverages AI-based user controls to maximize analytical application business value while preventing wasteful and inappropriate user access in the cloud.

Teleran’s comprehensive data security solution minimizes the risks and costs of data breaches and compliance violations. Our software is deployed by Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies including Allstate, Bank of America, DOD-US Army, MetLife, McKesson, Wells Fargo, State of New Jersey Medicaid/Medicare and the Austrian Homeland Security Agency.