Oracle: “Teleran Helps Turn Data and Analytics Into Business Advantage”

Oracle Leverages Teleran’s Solutions to Drive Oracle Cloud and Engineered Systems.

Summary: Oracle is using Teleran’s Data and Analytics solutions to generate Oracle Cloud and Engineered Systems business. Teleran has built solutions for Oracle Cloud, Exadata and the Oracle Database Appliance. that help business derive more value from their data and analytics – and simplify implementation and management.

Expanding the Power of Data and Analytics

Data and the analytics applications that draw out the value from that data have become a non-negotiable component of every successful business. But understanding, tracking, and managing the real use of that data remains a big challenge for most organizations. It’s about more than an understanding of the underlying data in the database and how it gets accessed and how it’s performing. Explains Teleran CEO Nathan Roseman, “At the application layer, organizations need to understand what questions are actually being asked by users, if the queries are effective, and if there are errors occurring at the application layer.”

The Time Has Come for a New Model

Teleran has built solutions for Oracle Cloud, Oracle Exadata, and Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) that help business derive tremendous value from their data—and simplify implementation and management.

“Historically,” explains Roseman, “data marts, data warehouses, or large databases required a costly infrastructure and a lot of specialized DBA skills and, typically, a long implementation cycle.”

As analytics and data warehousing usage increased, more and more analytical users would query these databases with more sophisticated questions. So the demands were constantly changing and growing. It required a tremendous amount of work from IT in the background to support all this changing activity and behavior, plus addressing security and compliance regulations. “IT was always behind the eight ball,” Roseman concludes.

Better Serving the Business, Simplified, Automated

Teleran’s solutions track, analyze, and make visible what users are doing, providing real-time recommendations on how to improve the user’s productivity and how to adjust the underlying resources to better serve the business as those needs change. They actually prevent users from making some of the common errors using automated controls.

This becomes particularly important as organizations move to the cloud, where you have users running sophisticated analytical applications; they can get in trouble, waste a lot of resources, and drive up consumption costs. “That’s one of the concerns that’s slowing evolution to the cloud: How do you control that cost? But those same concerns exist on-premises,” notes Teleran VP of Marketing Chris Doolittle.

Implementation and ongoing support become especially easy with ODA, which bundles the application, the operating system, the database, and the automated system patching and maintenance—in a pre-tuned environment. The in-a-box solution is particularly suited to small and midsized businesses.

How the U.S.’s Largest Health Insurer Created a Healthier Business

A large healthcare insurer in the U.S. needed to streamline its IT processes, especially data warehousing, to better support key business functions including finance, accounting, and customer service. The ODA-Teleran data and analytics solution met all the mandates around cost control, better service and value to the business, and protection of sensitive personal medical information.

Once implemented, the insurer significantly lowered IT support and maintenance costs leveraging ODA automation and Teleran’s real-time user management. Most strikingly, performance improved significantly: Queries that had taken hours now run in minutes with ODA built-in performance tuning and Teleran’s real-time query management and optimization. And Teleran’s sensitive data audit and real-time, dynamic data masking and protection controls, designed specifically for analytics, ensure HIPAA compliance.

How a Brokerage Firm Increased Money Under Management

Sometimes improving data and analytics usage can also directly add to the bottom line. Teleran works with the business users and the analytics staff to correlate business KPIs with analytics and data usage KPIs. In the case of a brokerage with 15,000 brokers and 2 million retail accounts, Doolittle says the client wanted to look at the top 10% of its brokers in terms of how they actually leveraged their data and analytical applications to drive more money under management (MUM), a prime business KPI.

With Teleran’s solution running on Oracle Exadata, the firm was able to evaluate the usage patterns of all the brokers and correlated that to the data accessed and analytics used. With the statistics gathered, the company was able to identify those analytics as well as the data the top brokers used to drive more business. Then the company was able to train all its brokers to leverage that best practice. Within 12 months, the client increased MUM by 5%.

No Matter Where Your Data Resides, Teleran Has a Solution

Many organizations are trying to figure out where they are on a journey to the cloud, or maybe even coming back from the cloud because they’ve figured out that it’s cost-prohibitive or they need on-premises data solutions for regulatory reasons. Wherever the analytics are happening, Teleran’s solutions can be there: Teleran ODA, Teleran Exadata, or Teleran Cloud. Because Oracle’s platforms are all designed based on the same architecture, migrating to or from cloud can be seamless and fast.

Data Protection Remains a Top Priority

Not only do companies need to get more value from the data, they need to protect that data. Teleran’s solutions have real-time AI tech controls. Elaborates Doolittle, “We can manage the query flow for purposes of protection so we can block inappropriate access before it reaches the database.”

He goes on to add, “We also have real-time data masking that’s specifically tuned to address some of the gaps that occur with these powerful analytical tools that can allow people to infer sensitive data without necessarily even seeing it because of the way they query the database.”

That kind of behavior can be prevented with built-in AI. “Our solutions are particularly tuned to these kind of Wild West, highly heterogeneous type of application environments. We’ve got lots of data, lots of users, and lots of different kinds of applications going against it, so our controls can handle that complexity in a very simple way in terms of setting it up and managing it,” Doolittle concludes.

If there is a violation, it can be addressed immediately and automatically with additional controls at the same time being able to identify and report on compliance violations. This is all done outside of the database, independent of the applications.

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Nathan Roseman is CEO and co-founder of Teleran. He is an entrepreneur and a recognized expert in networking technologies, security, and software applications. Prior to co-founding Teleran, Nathan was a founder and principal in Mosaic Investments, Inc., an investment management company that consulted to leading investment firms and technology companies. Nathan was also the founder and CEO of LAN Services a leader in network systems and vertical market applications and created the award-winning line of LANWare network management and security software products.

Chris Doolittle is Vice President of Marketing and co-founder of Teleran. Prior to forming Teleran, Chris was general manager of Information Builders’ advanced analytics software division. Chris also held management and business development positions at PepsiCo and General Electric. He has many years’ experience in software marketing and sales, product management and strategy in analytics, data warehousing, and data security.