Powerful Integration of Oracle Database Appliance With Teleran’s AI-based Data Warehouse Business Optimization and Protection Software

Teleran and Oracle today announced a partnership integrating Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) with Teleran’s Data Warehouse Business Optimization and Protection software solutions. The Oracle-Teleran combination is available immediately and provides out-of-the-box integration, automation, and AI-based management controls that deliver optimal business value, improved performance, reduced complexity, and lower operating costs.

The ODA-Teleran Solution is targeted to on-premise and hybrid cloud data warehousing environments in both mid-market and large organizations. Oracle and Teleran are conducting a multi-city series of events in the U.S. starting in September to promote the ODA-Teleran Solution to end-user companies as well as Oracle resellers and service providers. More on the ODA-Teleran Solution.

Integrated Solution Addresses Key Data Warehousing Challenges

ODA cost efficiencies, system management automation, and pre-tuned system and database performance combined with Teleran’s usage analytics, AI-based user management, and dynamic data protection addresses key data warehouse challenges companies are facing today:

  • High server purchase, upgrade, and maintenance costs
  • System complexity
  • Unpredictable, demanding users
  • Frequent performance tuning
  • Lack of visibility on how the business uses and values the data warehouse
  • Data security and regulatory compliance risks
Delivering Critical Benefits from Infrastructure to the Line of Business

“With data and analytics driving revenue, profit, and competitive advantage for our customers today, the ODA-Teleran data warehouse optimization solution addresses leading business objectives: faster time-to-value, improved data warehouse business value, and lower costs,” states Henny van Galen, Global Vice President Oracle Systems, Cloud Business Group. “Whether you’re modernizing on-premises or implementing Oracle hybrid cloud solutions, Teleran and ODA will scale with your business.”

“Oracle and Teleran have a long history of partnering in data warehousing and analytics on Exadata, the Oracle Cloud, and now, ODA,” states Nathan Roseman, Teleran CEO. “The Oracle-Teleran solution delivers immediate business and technical benefits that organizations are seeking today: reduced complexity, better visibility on how their data and analytics are driving business value, improved return on investment, and enhanced business productivity and IT efficiencies.”

Roadmap to the Cloud

The ODA-Teleran solution also delivers a roadmap to the Oracle Cloud. When ready, organizations can leverage Teleran’s Oracle Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment solution. It streamlines data warehouse migrations to the Oracle Cloud and maximizes ongoing cloud cost efficiency and business value. ODA leverages the cloud for back-up and recovery and its cloud-aligned architecture facilitates migrating data to the Oracle Cloud for both hybrid and public cloud environments. Read more about Teleran’s Solutions for Oracle.


About Oracle Database Appliance

ODA is an integrated package of software, compute, networking, and storage that’s been optimized and engineered to offer performance and scale for Oracle Databases and applications. It reduces complexity, saves time, and accelerates deployments. ODA is architected for on-premises and the cloud. It saves organizations hundreds of hours in the first year alone, enabling companies to focus on projects that drive the business forward.

About Teleran

Teleran’s real-time Business Value Optimization and Data Protection solutions enable companies, for the first time, to focus on maximizing the business value of data while protecting it from hacking and misuse on-premise and in the cloud. Unlike database controls, DBA tools, and log analyzers, Teleran uniquely addresses dynamic data-intensive application environments, like data warehouses and analytics. It captures the business view of usage without overhead and delivers real-time, AI-based user and query management that ensures business users are guided and managed – as the data is used – to get the most value from data and analytics while protecting critically sensitive data. Teleran offers specialized solutions for Oracle Engineered Systems and the Oracle Cloud.



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