Here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear.

What does your software do for data protection and compliance?

Our solution:

  • Continuously monitors user, application, query and sensitive data usage activity for database intensive applications.
  • Enforces data access policies in real-time, delivering a powerful database firewall that protects sensitive data at the table, view, column level.
  • Alerts staff in real-time to threatening or suspicious behavior or activities.
  • Establishes user, application and organizational context for more effective monitoring, reporting and access control.
  • Delivers out-of-the-box compliance reports and in-depth security and compliance analyses.

What are the benefits of your solution?

  • Comprehensive Sensitive Data Monitoring – Unlike network packet capture approaches to monitoring traffic, which can lose packets in high volume environments, Teleran’s listener-based approach captures 100% of traffic regardless of transaction volume. As such, we deliver comprehensive and continuous visibility of sensitive data usage.
  • Easy-to-Use Compliance Reporting and Security Analytics – Sophisticated, but easy to use, analytics deliver unparalleled accuracy and depth of security and compliance reporting.
  • Context Aware Data Access Controls – Our patented access control policy engine prevents inappropriate, unauthorized access to sensitive data independent of the applications and databases. It builds a unique context awareness based on your data usage patterns, applications and organization.
  • Easy-to-Install and Manage – Our automated installation process makes it easy to install and requires minimal ongoing administrative effort.
  • Unobtrusive – Teleran’s network-based architecture is highly scalable and unobtrusive. It’s designed specifically for large data intensive applications. Unlike in-the-database agent-based solutions, it does not consume database resources that slow performance and degrade throughput.
  • Proven – Teleran’s patented software is mature and stable, having been refined with over 10 years in the field supporting 100’s of installations.

What databases does your software support?

Teleran’s system has been certified for Oracle and Oracle on Exadata, Teradata, DB2 on Linux and Mainframe, Teradata and Microsoft SQL Server.

Who uses your software?

Teleran’s software is trusted by Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies around the world including organizations such as Allstate, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Mayo Clinic, McKesson, Metlife, and State of New Jersey, among others.

What kinds of database applications do your customers use your software with?

Our software is used with analytical/business intelligence/data warehousing, as well as online transaction processing systems (OLTP).

How is the Teleran software different from database monitoring tools?

Database monitoring tools are designed to assist database administrators in managing database system processes and administration. They are not designed for security and compliance. Teleran’s solutions are developed specifically for use by security and compliance staff and operate independently of the database system.

Does your software slow application performance or add overhead to the database?

No. Teleran’s network-based architecture is unobtrusive. Leading database vendors have certified Teleran’s monitoring solution as adding no overhead to database systems. Unlike in-the-database agent-based solutions, it does not consume database resources that slow performance and degrade throughput.

How much time and effort does it take to install and support your software?

We have simplified and automated our installation and configuration process. Our software takes two hours to install in a typical database environment.

Does your software require added headcount or specialized technical or analytical skills?

No, Teleran’s system requires minimal administrative effort and our customers do not need additional technical staff to maintain or use the system. Teleran’s reporting and analysis system does not require any specialized analytical skills or significant training. It can be used out of the box by compliance, security, and information management staff.

How is your software licensed?

We offer very flexible licensing models to support short and longer-term service engagements and subscription and perpetual licensing models for ongoing deployment of the software.

Does your software work with on-premise as well as cloud-based environments?

Yes, our solution supports on-premise and cloud environments including private, hybrid and public clouds like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Does your software integrate with other security and compliance software solutions?

Our software integrates with Security Event and Incident Management (SEIM) systems, identity provisioning, authorization applications, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and endpoint security systems, among others.

How long has your software been in the market?

We have been offering solutions to Fortune 1000 for over 10 years. Our software is stable and mature and has been deployed in 100’s of sites.

What else can your software do?

We also offer solutions to improve the visibility/performance and to facilitate transformations and migrations of database-intensive applications to new platforms such as Hadoop.

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