Delivering Successful Data Warehouse
Migrations and Modernizations

IT organizations are continually asked to do more with less by driving costs out of IT process and systems. Data warehouse migrations and modernizations are opportunities to achieve substantial cost savings while improving business process. But, they don’t come for free. As more resources are devoted to these kinds of projects, organizations are seeking ways to reduce their time, cost and risks.

Determining what workloads to move to the cloud?

Modernizing your data warehouse and analytical applications?

Looking to reduce your overall data and storage footprint?


Whether you are migrating your data warehouse to the cloud, or Big Data platforms, Teleran’s Database Migration Solutions create your roadmap to project success.

Teleran’s Data Warehouse Migration Assessment delivers visibility on how database-intensive applications are used and perform. It captures workloads for a representative period of time and analyzes the usage activity of business users, applications, transactions and databases. It identifies issues in your current environment that represent risks to a successful and timely transformation and migration project. Teleran’s fact-based process significantly reduces project time and labor needed to collect usage information and to thoroughly analyze it. It reduces “trial-and-error surprises” that add significant effort, costs and risks to your projects.

Key Benefits

  • Defines actionable roadmap for successful projects
  • “Pre-optimizes” your environment for smooth transformations and migrations
  • Minimizes risks and surprises that slow projects and increase costs
  • Reduces time and cost to complete projects
  • Ensures projects meet business expectations
  • Highlights opportunities and problems that are not visible using database monitoring tools

Moving to the Cloud

The Cloud-Readiness Assessment analyzes the “readiness” of database applications to move to the cloud. Its database workload monitoring and analysis process creates a migration roadmap that reduces the time, cost and risk of cloud migrations. With Teleran’s Cloud-Readiness Assessment, you can commit their database-intensive applications to the cloud with confidence. Teleran offers the cutting-edge in database transformation and migration solutions.

Identifying High Impact Analytics and Big Data Opportunities

The Analytics/Data Warehouse Modernization Assessment reveals where Big Data can be integrated with, and extend your business analytics and deliver improved business performance.  The Assessment also quantifies large cost savings that can be achieved by offloading workloads to Hadoop. These savings deliver cost reductions and ROI that can justify your entire modernization project.

Controlling Exploding Data and Data Storage Costs

Teleran’s Archiving Assessment tracks and profiles your organization’s use of data at a granular level. IT creates an archiving action plan that identifies the data to be archived and data that is of no value that should be retired. The Archiving ROI Calculator uses your actual data storage cost metrics to quantify and justify your archiving project.