Security is useless without Awareness

Computers and automation have contributed to the development of the modern workplace. From the digitization and management of information, to the storing of vital customer data, to the information required to make a company function both the function and the employees, all is essentially the same when in a system. As any business grows, the amount of data multiplies exponentially. Each person creating at least a file, if not multitudes. That number multiplied by every member on staff, compounded by the sheer size of a company. This ever-expanding formula of information continues to require both maintenance and security. Threats to security can come in four different primary methods. Malicious insiders can seek to steal or sabotage your company and are a real danger for their insider knowledge. Lack of care can be almost as dangerous as loyal employees with no ill will can forget to close a program or misplace a device. External forces seek to access your systems through any means necessary, and can be exceptionally clever using phishing links, Trojan programs, or seeking to breach security in any number of ways. Sometimes an individual manages to get security credentials, and simply walks in the front door. To that end, a multitude of security suites and companies boast their ability to catch would-be thieves. Experience is great, expertise is better, but one aspect that many do not pay enough attention to is data visibility.

Becoming aware of security concerns

The larger a company, the more important data visibility becomes. Such refers to the ability to be aware of all the places data both resides, and how it is transmitted. Data visibility is vital when taking information for any reason. That information is then transmitted in some way to a location to be stored, which is equally vital. Data visibility is even present in the transmission itself, as such is often the point of weakest security. Information should be kept safe using an integrated system that is capable of seamlessly working both for and without interfering your business. Data visibility is of no use if the company cannot use information effectively.

Consider how your company works. Employees are normally well-aware of the sensitive nature of both personal and customer data. Such is their part in data visibility. They understand that not everybody should see the information, but such needs to be usable by the company, it’s programs, and the processes that are the lifeblood of their employ. As such, the information is kept in varying degrees of security. The data visibility depends on just how it is used. The company’s phone number and website require no intrinsic security, but the way those operate should be kept to a higher degree of safety. A company needs to be quite aware of the levels of access it grants, which is also part of data visibility. Consider it a vital part of any security system.

Security for information typically focuses on access levels and encryption for transmitted data. These are integral points, and should never be ignored. However, what many companies do not consider is the aspect of data visibility in usage. For instance, when a computer is utilized to pull up a file, a certain program requests specific information. The result is also filtered against the access level of the person operating the program. This data visibility method prevents major information being given out freely. Another aspect that many do not consider is behavior. Being aware of records and learning who accesses what program, when, and for what reason within a company can be just as vital as restricting access. Data visibility in this case refers to monitoring the behavior of a specific individual’s access information. If that person or their information is misused, a system should be able to recognize that odd access point, time, or the request for unusual behavior.

The essence of awareness

If security is the framework, then data visibility is awareness. Companies like Teleran understand that, and have specialized abilities. For instance, Teleran has systems specifically focused on data visibility to such a degree as to monitor a system in real-time. This gives them a unique advantage in the security of your systems. It is not enough to simply be aware of a breach. With the level of data visibility offered at Teleran, you can be notified as red flags are waved from an access point. The security warnings will begin, and as each issue raises your staff will know immediately of the problem. The data visibility of knowing where the information is accessed, how, and what was being pulled up is only made more important by knowing as it happens. Rather than hours later, security can assess the issue and cut off access immediately. You get to choose if you can deal with the problem at the physical point, or simply cut the access to that endpoint. Regardless of the endpoint you use, the ability to shut it down immediately is invaluable.

What use is data visibility when you cannot act upon the breach as it occurs? In the past several years we have seen massive companies crippled by the discovery of a breach even a few short hours after it happened. Stopping the leak mid-event prevents loss of information, or even the opportunity for malicious forced to corrupt your systems. Teleran is a company that has become well-versed not only in constructing security measures, but being comprehensive. Experts help work through your systems to determine the weakest points, and offer far more than simply a program. Teleraa offers an in-depth solution. Through data awareness as well as expertise, they help you determine what steps to take to keep your business safe, and your information secure. Such can include adding specific software to run in the background and keep your information safe, creating a safer location for storing information, better encryption for your transmissions or local network, or even suggestions on how to better apply access restrictions. All with the added benefit of a service that monitors your security in real-time to protect against attempted breaches. That monitoring also ensures that if something does occur, you are not left out in the cold wondering when it happened, or how much was lost.