Data Protection cannot be understated

Our lives are lived as much digitally as physically any more. True, we can live physically without digitally, but the latter has become integral to virtually everything we do. The ever-present nature of technology is only matched by the need for connectivity. The internet has created the most expansive way to both share and learn every conceived. That connectivity can represent several items per person. Multiply that by the billions of people on the planet, and we have a network of untold amounts of information. It is not enough to simply acknowledge that data, but to have data protection. Without safeguards, our very lives can be up for sale. With specific items of information, such as a driver’s license, social security number, and a few other scraps of information, identity theft has become rampant. Such affects individuals by the thousand. Businesses are an even richer target to infiltrate digitally, as their resources are far more expansive. Measures are required to ensure data protection, and an entire industry has risen to both promote and maintain data protection on both a macro and a micro scale. Companies like Teleraan spend their resources both developing and testing security measures.

Various Dangers

In the realm of data protection, wise strategies include a variety of preventative measures. Background checks on both existing and prospective employees, monitor systems for breach, employ specific software, and other tools can help mitigate risk. However, security experts will tell you that in data protection, no method is foolproof to prevent data breaches. No single measure can stop all issues, and no profile exists for those that would do a company harm. Such makes protection beyond problematic.

Threats come from four primary sources. The first are malicious insiders. These are the disgruntled employees that have no qualms about doing harm to their current employ on the way out. Often, they abuse their access to gain something of use. As people that are familiar with your security and systems, they are a credible threat to any data protection measures. This type of threat is both the greatest danger, and the hardest to detect. Worst of all, these are the forms of breach that are the most intensive to recover from. With direct access to your sensitive information and destructive choices, they can do significant damage. Conversely, you have the careless mistakes. People that are already in your employ, but are not cautious with what they do. The most careful data protection measures are worthless if somebody forgets a laptop in a public place, or does not secure their terminal. While just as dangerous as the malicious insider, this type of breach is far more preventable through vigilance. The lack of intent makes this sort of danger far less of an issue.

Other data protection issues come from the more widely-accepted sources. External sources are willing to do whatever it takes to breach systems. Rival companies, or those willing to sell your information to the highest bidder generally either use or constitute this type of danger. This is the kind of breach that comes from phishing or Trojan horse programs. Malicious programs can be introduced into the system in any number of ways. Once a foothold has been established, your data can be at risk for theft or corruption. Sometimes the benefit for them comes from stealing and selling your information. Other times, it is easier and more efficient to corrupt your files and cause chaos within your company. Such also opens the door to the last danger- external insiders. As a combination of external forces and malicious insiders, this situation is when an outsider somehow gains access to your security credentials. Such allows access to your information, and bypasses several aspects of your data protection attempts. Firewalls and protections are circumvented by purposefully allowing access for other sources to exploit.

Teleran specializes on protection

While knowing the threats is important, such is far from enough. Data protection requires active participation in loss prevention and security. After identifying the threats, the first step is to reduce exposure. Data protection can be as simple as restricting access points. With fewer points to get the information you have fewer points to monitor and keep safe. Such is equally true for the malicious threats as the accidental. In addition to limiting access to information, you can restrict the number of people that have access to those fewer points. Further, how data is stored can make a difference. Almost 2 in 5 companies store sensitive information on a simple word document. This convenient form is both a blessing and danger, as it is both convenient to use and steal. Keeping restricted information in a central repository with limited access can drastically reduce the risks of outside and internal forces from gaining or corrupting the data.

Teleran understands this and offers a comprehensive data protection suite. A security solution that is not only automated, but adaptive to your company and behavior. Sometimes it is not enough to have a data protection system that recognizes access codes. Normally, this is a great start. That way only authorized individuals can even see the information. Teleraan does monitor and restrict access, but also learns what is ‘normal.’ The typical times for access for specific individuals as well as normal forms of access. Some applications can access a system and have the ability to pull up information in connections not normally needed. Like going in through a side door and deciding to go upstairs in a home rather than just using the front door. Teleran is designed to monitor these sorts of roundabout methods. It learns who gets on in certain times, and from where just in case the credentials are copied and used. Most of all, it uses a real-time system to warn you as a breach occurs rather than hours later. This drastically reduces the amount of damage that can be done in any sort of situation. From troubling access to changes in behavior, Teleran is capable of doing far more than watching your data. They are specialists in true data protection.