Ensure the Success of Data Warehouse Migrations to Microsoft Azure

Automated Data Warehouse Assessment Software

Reduces the time, cost and risk of moving Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 data warehouses to Azure

Because data warehouses are complex, large, and dynamic in their use, many organizations do not have a comprehensive understanding of their operating characteristics. Just “lifting and shifting” these workloads to Azure is risky, inviting surprises that can increase the cost and time of migrating, and risking higher costs and unhappy users once on Azure.

Teleran’s Migration Assessment solution ensures your migration success by automatically:

  • Analyzing and profiling your data warehouse usage characteristics
  • Identifying issues that impede migrations and reduce efficient and effective use on Azure
  • Creating a migration roadmap reducing time, cost and risk of migrating to the Azure
Migration Analysis Summary

Migration Analysis Summary

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Teleran’s automated solution replaces manual and time-consuming assessment processes and brings scalability, transparency, speed and statistical accuracy to the project.  It yields faster, more confident business-driven decisions, enabling organizations to migrate critical workloads to Azure faster, with more accuracy, and with less cost and risk.

Key Benefits

  • Establishes transparent, accurate plan for successful Azure migrations
  • Reduces time, cost and risk to migrate
  • Builds customer confidence
  • Ensures cost efficiency and satisfied business users on Azure
  • Automated, process is unobtrusive, fast, and scalable

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