Ensure Success of Your Azure Data Warehouse Migration

Azure Data Warehouse Migration Analytics and Optimization Solution

  • Reduces costs, risks and time to migrate data warehouses to Azure

  • Establishes business justification and ROI for Azure migrations

  • Ensures ongoing resource cost efficiency and business value in Azure

The Challenge 

Data Warehouses are large, complex and dynamic. Before you migrate to Azure it’s critical to establish a comprehensive profile of your data warehouse usage and identify the migration inhibitors common in legacy data warehouses. These unanticipated migration issues, if not identified and addressed, will increase the time, cost, and risk of your migrations. And, they will drive up consumption costs and impede user productivity and business value in Azure.

Automated Azure Data Warehouse Migration Analytics and Optimization

Teleran’s data warehouse profiling and analysis software unobtrusively captures on premise data warehouse usage and resource metrics. It leverages Azure and Power BI to deliver fact-based analyses to identify, quantify, and prioritize issues that impede migrations and negatively impact performance, efficiency and costs on Azure.

Create the optimal migration roadmap to Azure success with Teleran.

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Example Migration Analytics Summary

Migration Analysis Summary 

Migration Case Study – Wells Fargo Bank

“Teleran enabled the bank to deliver a cost-effective, low risk migration that met business expectations. Teleran’s real-time user management ensured business users were cost-efficient and productive in their ongoing data warehouse use.“ – Director Data Warehousing, Wells Fargo


  • Reduced migration time by 2 months versus the initial plan
  • Decreased expense by 4 man-months
  • Lowered ongoing Azure consumption costs by 15-20%
  • Identified infrequently used and duplicate data reducing storage costs by 26%

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Replaces Manual Time-Consuming Assessments with Accurate Automated Process

Teleran’s automated, unobtrusive solution replaces time-consuming manual migration assessments, bringing speed, accuracy and transparency to planning and executing the optimal migration to Azure. Teleran’s Azure migration solution supports a wide range of databases on premise and in Azure including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse, among others.

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