Azure Data Warehouse Visibility and Business Optimization

Maximizes Business Value, Minimizes Resource Costs

Maximize Cost

Ensures Azure Service Levels and Business Value

Minimize Time Cost

Minimizes Azure Resource Consumption Costs

Self Service

Improves User Self-Service and Productivity

Cloud Data Warehouse Challenge 

Data Warehouse and analytical application usage is highly dynamic. Unpredictable ad hoc analyses, rapidly changing query patterns, and the inevitable user generated query problems create highly dynamic and hard to manage environments – especially in the cloud. The net result: wasted cloud resources, higher cloud costs, query errors, and frustrated business users.  IT has few tools designed specifically for managing dynamic and unpredictable environments in Azure to ensure that data warehouses deliver the value and cloud cost efficiency the business users expect.  

The Solution

Teleran’s Azure Data Warehouse Visibility and Business Value Optimization solution empowers you to understand and manage users, applications and data warehouse activity. Teleran’s solution supports IaaS, PaaS and Autonomous Azure Data Warehouse implementations. 

Ensuring Business Productivity, Value and Cost Efficiency 

Because data warehouse usage is constantly changing, Teleran captures a continuous view of activity at the user, application, query and data usage levels so you always have the entire picture of what’s going on. It does this without putting any overhead or latency on the database. This enables you to improve service, increase business productivity, reduce Azure consumption costs and ensure that resources are appropriately aligned to business objectives. Teleran’s 360 degree view ensures that all behaviors and processes are tracked and analyzed to identify the conditions and activity that need to be modified or prevented.

Azure Data Warehouse Usage Analysis

Automated User/Query Management Improves Performance and Lowers Costs

No matter how much planning goes into your data warehouse, application users inevitably issue inappropriate or “runaway” queries that waste cloud resources, deliver inaccurate results, or violate governance policies. Teleran’s solution prevents inappropriate queries from reaching the database and reducing service levels, wasting resources or generating errors. At the same time, it sends intelligent messages to BI and analytical application users guiding them to more efficiently and effectively interact with the data warehouse.

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Addresses Key Azure Data Warehouse Challenges

  • Ensures service levels and business value
  • Protects system from resource wasting queries 
  • Minimizes staff support costs with automated user controls
  • Aligns system and support resources to business objectives

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