Automated Exadata Data Warehouse Assessment Delivers Visibility on Business Use to Improve Service & Lower Operating Costs

Organizations have made significant investments in Exadata data warehouses, seeking not only performance benefits, but also better service and value. As these systems mature, executives are asking: is our Exadata data warehouse delivering the service and business value we expected? And, are we operating our data warehouse most cost effectively. To answer these essential questions, data warehouse organizations turning to Teleran’s Data Warehouse Visibility Assessment.

Your Roadmap to Improve Exadata Data Warehouse Service, Value and Cost Efficiency

The assessment is a short term service that offers an in-depth evaluation of the how business users are using the data warehouse. It deploys Teleran’s automated usage assessment software that unobtrusively tracks query activity by users, applications, and data objects accessed. From this process the software creates a profile of data warehouse usage in a business context, establishing the foundation for recommendations on service improvements, system resource efficiencies and lower support costs. Teleran’s software is Exadata-certified, fast and easy to install, and puts no overhead on Exadata.

Download this data sheet to learn more about how you can benefit from a Visibility Assessment for your Exadata Data Warehouse.

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