Safeguarding Data with Teleran

Safeguarding Data with Teleran

Information technology is an ever-evolving field with a dynamic scope of abilities and needs. Companies of all fields either have, or are planning to use IT to run the day-to-day aspects of business. All the information available from common memos to the most safeguarded secrets are available to those that are dedicated to breaching systems. Teleran is a company that specializes in anticipating and preventing such breaches in security. Such threats can be outsider attempts to hack in, insider threats to divulge information, or unintentional compliance violations by staff. Through an integrated, pre-emptive approach, Teleran secures sensitive data directly at the data level.

The detection of breaches is covered by a sophisticated analytical monitoring system to watch all data usage in real time. Common users, applications, and behavior are monitored for suspicious access or activity before the threat occurs. When such activity does happen, a dynamic policy engine automatically prevents threats such as malicious queries, privilege violations, or improper changes from ever reaching the main database. All of this is done without affecting the users or performance of the system. Additionally, Teleran offers intelligent auditing and security analysis to optimize your compliance. This audit can help streamline your workflow approvals, offer warnings and alerts on regulated data, and provide insights into the data usage of a company. Through this understanding of the information and how it is utilized, Teleran can offer solutions to further improve security and the efficacy of your systems.

Purpose and Application of HIPPA

HIPPA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is the standard set for protecting sensitive patient information. Any company that collects protected health information must by law ensure that all required physical, network, and processes of sharing are secure and proper measures are followed. Such includes covered entities like treatment providers, payment and operations in healthcare, and business associates of those caregivers. Any entity with access to patient information and provides support in these areas must be secured. Subcontractors, or anybody involved with these entities must be similarly protected and in compliance with HIPPA.

HIPPA provides clear and involved rules on how a business or healthcare entity must protect the privacy of information. Physical safeguards include limited access to and control of information gathered. Authorized access is one way of physically limiting said access, preventing the common public from seeing that data. Such includes both hardcopies and electronic forms of information storage, and extends to the transfer, removing, disposing of and reusing electronic media. Within systems, technical safeguards include requiring authorization to access records through unique user identification, emergency access procedures, an automatic log off, and both encryption and decryption available.

Audit reports, such as tracking logs must be used to keep records of activity and access to both hardware and software. Such can be used to identify when and who may be responsible for any breach in a timely manner. Additionally, HIPPA also suggests integrity controls, IT disaster recovery, and offsite backups for systems and information in a secure location. Such can be used to restore patient information accurately and efficiently in case of any major issue. Information in transit via network or transmission is also covered by HIPPA, normally through encrypted communication and decryption only at the receiver’s location.

Using Teleran’s System to Ensure HIPPA Compliance

Teleran specializes in security, and is well aware of the requirements of HIPPA. Through the use of a patented data and security compliance software solution, a centralized control is created to both ensure and monitor the information of a company or healthcare provider. This platform is designed to provide contextualized auditing, security analytics, real-time alerts, access policy enforcement, and compliance reporting. Specifically, the platform endlessly monitors and analyzes, and controls how sensitive data is accessed at any time. Who accessed it, in what context, and through what application are the primary forms of monitoring information, using a context-sensitive policy to block inappropriate queries before the information is reached. Additionally, the program has an integrated policy wizard designed to be user-friendly to define, test, and enforce real-time data access policies. Such improves education and compliance with HIPPA requirements across specialists and non-technical staff alike.

Teleran’s systems provide complete transparency of data access across the company, but does not hinder access at any time. Analytics provide the auditing of information access, user behavior based on ID, and data protection by recording said ID to associate actions with the accessing user. This behavior is used to further identify patterns of use based on location, role in the company, and functional area or department the information was queried from. A profile is created for each user to identify activity such as application names, report names, and server activity to build a profile for normal and expected access to data.

Detailed access logs and application use data provides behavioral information used to monitor how a user normally both accesses and uses sensitive information. This profile can identify changes in normal usage or malicious behavior and deliver actionable real-time alerts. The platform also restricts access to information while providing warnings of improper access. As soon as information is attempted to be accessed in a way that is not consistent with normal use, the query is blocked, preventing the release of information while managers, supervisors, or similar are warned of a potential issue. If for any reason information has been accessed prior to this potential breach, forensic information is also available to restore any information damaged or lost.

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