Ensuring Data Protection and Compliance


Damaging and widely publicized data breaches are occurring with greater frequency. PCI, HIPAA,/HITECH, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulations are driving up compliance costs and dramatically increasing the financial penalties for data breaches. Despite large investments made in perimeter and network security solutions, breaches are growing. These solutions alone are not sufficient to protect organizations from devastating hacking and data breaches and costly compliance penalties.

Organizations must now focus on protecting the data where it lives – in the database

Teleran’s patented Data Protection and Compliance software solution delivers a powerful centralized platform for sensitive data discovery, contextualized auditing, analytics, real-time alerting, automated policy creation, and real-time data access policy enforcement.

Teleran’s award-winning solution discovers, watches, analyzes and controls how sensitive data is accessed, by whom, in what context, and with what applications. Its granular, context-sensitive policy enforcement blocks inappropriate queries before the database is even reached.


  • Discovers sensitive data associated with data protection regulations and specific commercial applications
  • Automatically generates granular sensitive data access controls

Continuous, Unobtrusive Monitoring at the Network Protocol Layer

  • Delivers complete visibility of sensitive data access activity across your environments
  • Does not slow database processes or performance

Identity Tracking Ensures All Users Are Identified, Profiled and Controlled

  • Applications’ frequent use of connection pooling, single sign-on or proxy IDs to access databases cause conventional database monitors to lose actual users’ identities
  • Identity Persistence™ delivers accurate auditing, user behavior analytics, and data protection by capturing user IDs wherever they reside and associating them with each and every transaction

Contextualized Auditing Delivers Deeper Insight and Control

  • Business Context™ associates users with their specific organizational context like location, geography, role, and functional area or department
  • Drives deeper analysis to identify malicious behavior and deliver actionable real-time alerts and sensitive data access controls

Applications Integration Builds Broader Context and Protection

  • Brings in critical application context to auditing, user behavior analytics, and access control
  • Leverages patented methods to unobtrusively capture application level metrics including user ID, application names, report names, application server activity.
Secure Data Report

Sophisticated Analytics Identify Threats and Malicious Behaviors

  • Foundation for powerful data protection and compliance
  • Continuously profiles user behavior to identify normal and suspicious behavior
  • Automatically detects threats, and suspicious changes to user behavior, triggering alerts and access blocking

Alerting Drives Incidence Response and Remediation

  • Real-time alerts tied to event detection and suspicious user behavior direct incidence response
  • Alerting and forensic information can be automatically integrated with SIEM solutions and security workflows

Automated Incidence Response and Access Policy Enforcement Protects Sensitive Data in Real-Time

  • Patented, granular controls automatically trigger incidence response and prevents malicious or unauthorized data access
  • Easy-to-use policy wizard empowers compliance and security staff  to define, test and enforce real-time data access policies

Compliance Reporting for Non-Technical Staff

  • Out-of-the-box compliance reports address PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, EU GDPR and other regulations reporting demands
  • Improves compliance staff productivity while reducing audit costs and risks
Hipaa Compliance Software

Fast Time-to-Value

  • Automated installation and configuration enables rapid deployment
  • Delivers fast time-to-value at a reasonable cost

Scalable, Flexible Deployment and Licensing Options

  • Highly scalable and flexible product architecture enables you to protect your sensitive data on-premise and in hybrid or public clouds
  • Licensing models include software subscriptions, perpetual licensing, SaaS, and managed services