Our Story


Teleran brings together leading experts in information security and compliance, a deep understanding of databases, and the risks and threats against them. 

We’ve spent over 15 years working with some of the largest, most sophisticated database environments in companies and government agencies around the world. Our advanced patented technologies combine contextualized database monitoring, sophisticated security and user behavior analytics, machine learning and real-time access controls.

Teleran’s innovative software products enable our customers to:

  • Perform comprehensive and continuous data security and compliance auditing
  • Protect data in real-time with context sensitive data security and compliance controls
  • Accelerate incidence response with sophisticated security and compliance analytics and alerting
  • Integrate with SIEM and other compliance and security systems and workflows
  • Deploy quickly and easily, speeding time-to-value with lower total cost of ownership

Award-Winning Patented Technologies

We have developed compelling security and compliance software solutions based on our innovative and patented technologies.

  • Contextualized Monitoring establishes a unique user, application and organizational context to provide more effective baseline security profiling and anomaly detection, and more accurate and effective access controls
  • Real-Time Dynamic Security Policy Engine delivers granular, in-line and context sensitive access controls
  • User Profiling for Breach Detection and Security Policy Enforcement establishes contextualized baseline profiling and breach analytics to identify suspicious, malicious and non-compliant user behavior for real-time remediation and access policy enforcement
  • Identity Persistence captures and maintains user identity despite multi-tier applications, connection pooling, and the use of proxy database IDs that typically mask user identity
  • Machine Learning Algorithms adapt and learn from changing data usage profiles and patterns
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