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Our Business Value Optimization and Data Protection solutions maximize the business value of analytics and data warehouses while protecting sensitive data from hacking and misuse – on premise or in the cloud.

For over 15 years Teleran has been developing and selling real-time business analytics/data warehouse optimization and protection software to some of the largest, most sophisticated and challenging data-intensive application environments in companies and government agencies. These include organizations such as Allstate, Bank of America, DOD-US Army, MetLife, McKesson, Wells Fargo, State of New Jersey Medicaid/Medicare and the Austrian Homeland Security Agency. Teleran’s software products have enabled these organizations to improve revenues, and profits and lower costs by optimizing and protecting these dynamic applications. Teleran has deep knowledge of the unique challenges of these business-critical, but unpredictable, complex and resource-intensive to manage.

Watch, Analyze and Automatically Control

Teleran’s patented software products continuously watch, analyze and automatically control and optimize how an organization’s data is accessed, by whom, in what business context, and with what applications. This enables business and IT management to understand, direct and increase the business value of analytics and data. Over the past several years, as security and regulatory compliance have become critical, Teleran has applied its technology to the challenges of protecting sensitive data (PII). Teleran’s solutions enable organizations to protect sensitive data from hacking and theft, and comply with data privacy regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Integrating Machine Learning and AI

Teleran’s software uniquely integrates machine learning and rule-based technology with a real-time policy action engine. It automatically creates new data usage optimization or security rules that can take immediate corrective or protective action based on changing patterns of data use. This integrated, automated approach brings speed, accuracy, and reduced effort to what has been a manual process of creating and applying real-time policies. The company holds a variety of security, data management, and artificial intelligence (AI) software patents.


Software Solutions


Analytics/Data Warehouse Business Value Optimization Solution

Maximizing Business Value and Cost Efficiency

Teleran’s Analytics/Data Warehouse Business Optimization Solution tracks and analyzes users, analytical applications, and data usage activity, providing holistic visibility on the use and value of the data warehouse. It also delivers real-time user and query management to prevent inappropriate, inaccurate queries that can slow performance, waste resources, frustrate users and reduce business productivity and the value of data analysis. Teleran’s solution also delivers real-time guidance to data warehouse business users to more productively interact with the data. Teleran’s solution enables companies to improve service, increase business user productivity, reduce operating costs, and ensure that data warehouses meet business objectives on-premise or in the cloud. More…

Data Protection and Compliance Solution

Reduces Time, Cost and Complexity to Protect Data-Intensive Applications

Teleran’s Data Protection and Compliance software solution delivers a centralized platform for sensitive data discovery, contextualized auditing, analytics, automated policy creation, dynamic data redaction, and real-time data access policy enforcement and alerting. Teleran’s solution is uniquely designed to address the challenges of protecting sensitive data in dynamic data-intensive environments where powerful data access tools can be used to get around traditional database security controls. Teleran’s solution delivers comprehensive data protection and compliance for on premise, hybrid and cloud-based database applications. More…

Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment

Streamlines Migrations, Maximizes Cloud Business Value and Cost Efficiency

Teleran’s Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment software unobtrusively captures on premise data warehouse usage metrics. It delivers fact-based analyses to identify, quantify, and prioritize issues that impede migrations and negatively impact data warehouse performance, business value, and cost efficiency in the cloud. Teleran’s automated solution replaces time-consuming manual assessments, bringing scalability, transparency, speed, and accuracy to planning and executing the optimal business-focused migration. More…

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